Febreze Just Revealed Its Scent of the Year for 2023 & It's...

We're well versed in Pantone's color of the year (it's Viva Magenta for 2023), but did you know there's a scent of the year?

Febreze just revealed its scent of the year, because yes, that's apparently a thing. The new aroma that'll be tickling our senses for the next couple of month is...Mountain.

In an Instagram post, the brand explained that Mountain "honors the beauty of the great outdoors, evoking the sweet serenity of uninterrupted nature." It's a woodsy blend of alpine, delicate wildflower and rich cedar that gives off major campsite vibes.

Now, if you're wondering how the heck Febreze comes up with these things, the brand has a panel of expert perfumers (their labels, not ours) that analyzes fragrance trends and predictions in order to identify the scent of the year.

In fact, this is actually Febreze's second annual scent pick. In 2022, the fragrance company cemented 'Ember' as the scent of the year. That selection was all about "setting the world ablaze" with heavy notes of mandarin and amber.

This time around, researchers took Febreze customers into consideration, stating in the post, "You told our researchers that you want to focus on wellness, have a need for increased mindfulness and a thirst for the outdoors—and that informed the creation of Mountain."

Soon shoppers will be able to purchase four new products that involve the scent of the year, including a fabric spray, air freshener and two different home plug-ins.

So, are you ready to pretend your home is Mount Rainier or Denali?

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