I Truly Despised Vacuuming…Until I Got My Hands on the Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum

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  • Value: 15/20
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  • TOTAL: 91/100

When it comes to household chores, my hatred for vacuuming is unmatched.

First, there’s the loud whirring that immediately gives me a headache. Then, there’s figuring out how to maneuver the unwieldly machine around the dining room table without ending up with a giant knot of cords. And lugging it up the stairs? Don’t even get me started. Then, after all that, the floor’s not even that clean. Phew, vacuuming is not worth it.

Or at least that’s how I felt before I tried the Dyson V11 Outsize cordless vacuum. It’s basically a larger version of Dyson’s mega popular V11 Torque Drive vacuum and ever since it hit store shelves in March, reviewers have been singing its praises. Apparently the larger canister, removable batteries and wider cleaner head make it even more efficient and easy-to-use than the standard V11—even if it is slightly heavier. So, as a vacuum hater, I thought I’d be able to put it to the ultimate test.

After fully charging my Dyson for a few hours when it arrived (which the brand recommends) I snapped on the shaft and High Torque XL cleaner head and my V11 Outsize was ready to tackle the living room floors. Immediately, I was impressed by how quiet it was. I mean, it was still nowhere near my preferred volume (which would be almost silent), but it was way better than the chaotic whir my old Miele vacuum used to make.

dyson in use 1

And the suction power? The V11 sucked up all the visible dust bunnies, leaf fragments and sand on the hardwoods near the sliding door in a single pass. Same with the crumbs and ground-in dirt in the living room carpet, once the stiff nylon bristles on the cleaning head brought them to the surface. According to the brand, that’s thanks to the Hyperdymium motor, which creates more powerful suction than any other cordless vacuum.

Speaking of the cordless factor, it’s great. I can move freely around the house without having to think about whether there’s an outlet nearby—or whether I’m going to create a tangle of cords behind me. Between that and the five interchangeable, specific-use cleaner heads (for tackling crevices, stubborn dirt and small spaces), there are no hard-to-reach or annoying to clean areas of the house anymore. You can even remove the shaft and put one of the smaller heads on to turn it into a handheld dustbuster.

Oh, and BTW, a single battery charge lasts up to 120 minutes. So once I finally muster the mental energy to vacuum, I can do the whole house in one go. And if you ever need to vacuum for longer than that (or you just forget to leave it charging), this baby comes with a second rechargeable battery you can keep at the ready. This is the only Dyson that comes with two batteries, just FYI.

The ultimate testament to this vacuum’s greatness, however, is how much use it’s been getting. Has it made me suddenly love vacuuming? No. But it makes the necessary chore way more tolerable. And the rest of my family clearly thinks so too, because someone breaks it out at least once every couple of days. Our old vacuum saw use maybe once a month, for context.

dyson in use 2

My only complaint? You have to hold the trigger on the handle down to keep the motor running. It’s a little annoying at first, but you get used to it. And if it really bugs you, reviewers say that investing in a trigger lock from Amazon should do the trick.

OK, I clearly think this vacuum is great…but does that justify the $800 price tag? If you have a big family or a sizable home, definitely. The canister is 150 percent bigger than the traditional V11, so you won’t find yourself emptying it every time you clean. Plus, the larger cleaning head makes cleaning big rooms a total breeze and you’ll never have to take multiple passes over the same spot again. All that, coupled with Dyson’s two-year warranty, makes this feel like a purchase you won’t soon regret.

Bottom line: Vacuuming still isn’t fun. But at least it’s not quite as miserable with the Dyson V11 Outsize.

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