The 13 Best Ways to Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Want Anymore

You’d think that years of apartment living would have made us San Franciscans the queens of minimalism. But somehow clothes, shoes and books always seem to take over our living spaces. (Repeat after us: Bay-window loveseats do not count as second closets.) Now that winter is officially over, it’s prime time for spring-cleaning. So put on your KonMari hat and start the purge. Here are the absolute easiest ways to get rid of everything you don’t want anymore.

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When You Want To Make Some Extra Cash

You bought those Giuseppe Zanotti stilettos because they made your legs look killer, but they’re way too high for San Francisco hills. Remove them from the “stuff I’ll probably never wear again but you never know” section of your closet and post them on an app such as PoshmarkTradesy or ThredUp. You’d be surprised how much you can actually make, and you’ll steer clear of the judgy looks from buyers at Wasteland and Buffalo Exchange.

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When You Just Want To Donate

All the non-designer stuff that’s taking up precious space in your closet is screaming to be donated, but you’ll never make it to Goodwill on foot with bags that weigh more than you do. Wovin will take your castoffs, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Just download the app, schedule a free pickup and pack up bags or boxes with your old stuff—everything from clothes and shoes to pillows, towels and bedding. It’s all tax deductible, and the goods go to a number of local charities.

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When You Need Some Guidance

We get it: A closet overhaul is not to be taken lightly (even if it's sorely needed). And it’s best done in the company of experts—otherwise, you’ll hold on to that pair of vintage Levi’s from high school forever. That’s where Cary Lane’s styling service comes in. The retailer sends a professional stylist to your home to help you figure out what to toss, what to keep and what key pieces to consider adding to give you the well-edited closet of your dreams.

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When You Want To Get Rid Of Something Big

That teal couch that never quite fit in your apartment? There’s always Craigslist, but may we suggest a few updated alternatives? LetGo is an online marketplace where you can sell anything from an Amazon Echo to a mountain bike. The app makes it easy to post products in a snap. Trove is a good option for furniture—listing is free, and you can show your availability to meet potential buyers right in the app. If you’re looking to unload high-end home goods, try Chairish. Your items will have to be approved first, but when they sell, you’ll reap 80 percent of the sale price.

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When You Need To Unload Old Electronics

You want to get rid of a broken TV and that old BlackBerry from 2007, but you can’t throw them out because electronics contain toxic materials that don’t belong in landfills. Drop them off at  Ewaste SF’s recycling center in the Mission, or schedule a pickup for $49. (There is an additional cost to recycle certain items, so check this list beforehand.) Recology Recycling allows you to schedule one free bulky-item pickup, so save this option for something like a refrigerator or washing machine. For a complete list of nearby e-cycling centers—they’re everywhere—check Greener Gadgets

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When You Want To Donate To A Good Cause

Your new office has a pretty lax dress code, but you still have a bunch of J.Crew blazers and Banana Republic button-downs from a past corporate life. Donate them to Dress for Success, which provides women in need with interview-appropriate outfits. And those bridesmaid dresses you wore only once? They’re destined to make high school girls feel like a million bucks through The Princess Project.

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