Gift Wrapping Ideas That Aren't the Same Old Boring Santa Paper

Feathers! Sprigs! Pom poms!

Hopefully by now you fully appreciated the glory that is butcher paper. And today we’re going a step further--to take your holiday wrapping to the next level. All you need is a few crafting supplies and a little inspiration. Here, ten of the latter.

How to Wrap All Your Presents for Only $25

Rue Rococo

White Kraft Paper + Twigs + Pom-poms + Twine

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White Kraft Paper + Silk Flowers + Silk Feathers + Gold Craft Berries + Twine

Sally J Shim

Brown Kraft Paper + Glitter Twine + Mini Ornament + Letter Sticker

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Confetti Sunshine

Pastel Gift Paper + White Paper Snowflake + Cinnamon Stick + Red Ribbon

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Free Printable Paper + Ribbon + Wood Snowflake Ornament

Brown Kraft Paper + Baker's Twine + Pom-poms

White Kraft Paper + Washi Tape + White Ribbon + Accoutrement

White Kraft Paper + Stamps + Twine + Greenery

Fellow Fellow

Pastel Gift Paper + Twine + Beads + Diy Paper Ornament

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Go Forth Creative

Brown Kraft Paper + White Paint + Black Twine + Sprig Of Pine

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