*This* Common Bed Mistake Might Be the Reason You're Sleeping Like Crap

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Cozy linens are great and a quality mattress is a must. But if you haven't been sleeping well as of late, there could be another missing bed component to blame: a headboard.

Yup, according to the ancient Chinese discipline of feng shui (which is believed to harmonize physical spaces and in turn, personal energy), a proper headboard is an absolute must for good sleep. Why? As feng shui expert Bryce Kennedy explained to us, "headboards are thought to hold and nurture energy at night, and to make you feel more secure and comfortable. Their presence visually establishes a safe space to let yourself become intimate and vulnerable." (The fact that you're still sleeping on a box-spring on the floor? Not doing wonders for your room's energy.) 

So there you have it: a highly practical excuse to upgrade to a big-girl bed

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