I’m a Side Sleeper and Here’s What I Thought of the New Casper Hybrid Mattress

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casper hybrid mattress review

Even though it’s been proven wrong time and again (Google “second cheapest” and “wine,” I dare you), when times are lean, my husband and I often rely on the age-old adage: “Just get the second cheapest!” And yes, we even did this with a mattress.

Cut to a few years later and the addition of a child, and our second cheapest mattress had very clear indents on either side. (If I dared roll toward the middle, I fell into what amounted to a small hill running down the center of the bed.)

Luckily, thanks to the Warby Parkers of the world, transparency and sustainability are now key elements that savvy shoppers can demand. Which meant that when it was finally time to re-up on a mattress, we had plenty of reasonable options to explore. But we'd been burned before by foam, and we certainly weren't going back to the rock-hard old-school ones that our parents were sleeping on. 

Enter the Casper Hybrid

According to the experts at Casper, it's a “multi-layer bed that combines memory foam, latex, or gel along with an innerspring system.” According to a layperson like myself, it's like sinking into a cloud, but being caught by a dear friend—in this case, that friend is made of pocket-wrapped coils and springs that form the bulk of the mattress, at seven to eight inches high. No longer a spring chicken, I really need that support. I also really need and love the luxury of the multiple top layers of foam, which contour to our bodies, relieve pressure points, and even keep us cool (and trust me, two-thirds of my family definitely runs hot).

I’m a side sleeper, but mostly I’m a tosser and turner. With the Casper Hybrid I’m happy to report that I’m tossing and turning a lot less. And better yet, my husband is less bothered by my flailing because another perk of the mattress is that you really can’t feel what the other person is doing. While I haven’t perched a cup of tea on one end and let my daughter jump up and down at the other just yet, I can say that her middle-of-the-night arrivals into our bed are much less noticeable. (Also, I don't want to name names, but someone is snoring less!)

Another huge bonus: A hybrid mattress doesn't need a box spring, which means that we've been able to keep our minimalist, low-profile design dreams alive. 

At $1,195, the queen-sized Casper Hybrid made sense for us. But for those with bigger budgets, the more foamy $2,495 Wave Hybrid is worth testing out.

Bottom line: The Casper Hybrid is a great option for folks who like the feel of a traditional mattress but want the convenience of modern day shopping, delivery and returns.

So do we still opt for the second cheapest option from time to time? Of course! We're only human. 

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