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Few things in life can instantly elevate your mood or atmosphere, like a candle. Feeling overwhelmed or stressed? There’s a trio of soy candles that are intentionally crafted to create a calm, focused environment. Missing the beach? There’s a candle that can bring the vacation vibes to you. Not to mention that candles are pretty much the fail-safe option when it comes to affordable hostess gifts.

There’s a candle for every mood, season, or home aesthetic, and it can feel nearly impossible to stop with just one. That’s why we love candle subscription boxes; you get a variety of curated candles each month for a fraction of the price. From seasonal autumn scents like pumpkin pie and mulled apple cider to more personalized and luxurious fragrances, here are the 12 best candle subscription boxes for gifting (or keeping!) in 2021.

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Brooklyn Candle Studio

1. Brooklyn Candle Studio

Cost: $25/month

What you get: A seasonal candle + matchbox

Why we love it: Calling all japandi fanatics! This monthly subscription box brings the outdoors in with a minimalist-style candle in seasonal scents like sea salt and surf for summer or tomato and thyme for fall. Each box features matchsticks and a clear glass candle with a burn time of 50 hours, and you can change the frequency of delivery to every other month if needed. When it comes to japandi design, sustainability is a huge component —along with comfort, simplicity and incorporating natural elements—and each candle is vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free, petroleum-free and made from 100% soy.

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2. Vellabox

Cost: Starting at $10/month

What you get: 1-2 high-quality candles in your choice of size.

Why we love it: Looking for the perfect housewarming gift? We’ve gotcha covered. In each Vellabox, you’ll receive 1-2 jar candles from a small-batch artisan in your choice of size (see options below), plus a bonus lifestyle gift from a wellness brand they’ve teamed up with. Each candle features a seasonal scent and is naturally crafted from soy, coconut, vegetable wax and essential oils. There are three subscription options — the Lucerna ($10 per month) sends one 4 oz candle, the Ignis ($20 per month) sends one 8 oz candle, and the Vivere ($30 per month) sends you both the 4 oz and 8 oz candles, totaling 12 oz.

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3. Wickbox

Cost: Starting at $27/month

What you get: One candle in your choice of size.

Why we love it: Looking to add some luxury to your monthly candle box? Enter: Wickbox. This one asks you to create a ‘scent profile’ beforehand to ensure that you never receive a peony-scented candle if it makes you nauseous. Each candle is packaged in a trendy container that can be re-purposed into a vase or storage jar once you’re finished (and trust us, they look as good as they smell). You can choose between a medium or large-size box, and each month you’ll receive a hand-picked candle that won’t disappoint.

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4. Scent

Cost: Starting at $65

What you get: One personalized, luxury candle

Why we love it: Skip the hemming and hawing of figuring out which luxury candle is worth it and leave it to the experts. Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to provide details about which scents you like, which notes you detest, the kind of mood you'd like to create and which room you plan on displaying the candle. Then, the Scent team can make informed decisions before sending you luxury candles from top contemporary brands (like Joya, Maison Balzac, and Calming Park). The subscription ranges from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly plans and each candle costs $65.

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Outdoor Fellow

5. Outdoor Fellow

Cost: $30/month

What you get: One coconut wax candle

Why we love it: If you’re dreaming about revenge traveling, but you can’t get away, this is a simple way to quell your travel envy (at least until Christmas vacation). Inspired by backpacking in the Adirondacks and scuba diving in Bonaire, each 8 oz candle features scents like fireplace and clove to mimic the great outdoors. You can choose between a one-to-four-month subscription, and each candle is handmade using a coconut wax blend, high-quality fragrance oils and a cotton wick.

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6. Keap

Cost: $40/month

What you get: A seasonal candle + matches and a piece of limited-edition art

Why we love it: As the world starts to reopen, we’re reminded of how hectic day-to-day life can be (and how difficult it can be to find moments of peace and quiet). Keap candles were created as a way to “unwind from the crowds, commutes, and chaos,” according to founders Steve and Harry. Each candle’s scent is derived from nature and several fragrances, like isle of jasmine and hot springs. The box features a 7.4-ounce coconut wax candle in a glass whiskey tumbler, a limited-edition piece of artwork and a sample of the following month's scent—exclusively to subscribers. for just $39.50 per month.

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7. Nest

Cost: $38/month

What you get: One luxury candle

Why we love it: Nest is known for its classically elegant fragrances, including lemongrass and ginger and rose noir and oud, and now there’s a box that delivers the brand’s most popular scents right to your doorstep. Each candle comes in a striped etched-glass vessel and is carefully formulated with premium wax to burn cleanly and evenly. Available in 3, 6, and 12-month subscription options, each month’s shipment is flawlessly packaged in a gift box and makes the perfect luxury present.

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The Burlap Bag

8. The Burlap Bag

Cost: $16/month

What you get: One limited-edition candle + matches

Why we love it: Looking for a gift with some personality? This monthly subscription box features a limited-edition soy candle that is both entertaining and blissfully scented. Each candle comes in a glass jar labeled with a quirky name like Unicorn Puke or Crazy Cat Lady, and subscribers agree that the scents are as delicious as the names are creative. One reviewer writes: “I really, really love the quality of these candles … King of Farts is my favorite.” The box includes one small-batch candle in a seasonal ‘surprise scent,’ plus a book of unicorn matches that are just as fun.

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Candle Therapy By Monterra

9. Candle Therapy By Monterra

Cost: $14/month

What you get: One Therapeutic Candle

Why we love it: When it comes to curating “calming candles,” this subscription box takes it to a new level. Candle Therapy By Monterra is a monthly subscription box that features ‘theracandles’ made from essential oils (EO's) and pure plant extracts that can be used for healing applications in aromatherapy. Each monthly box includes an energy-based seasonal candle that’s uniquely crafted with calming elements that can be used for therapeutic purposes. We’re not saying we want to break up with our therapists, but at $14 a month, we might have to.

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Purple Vertigo

10. Purple Vertigo

Cost: $40/month

What you get: Two 16-ounce candles

Why we love it: Perfect for gift-giving, this subscription box features seasonally scented candles with personalized labels in a whimsical cursive font. The box has the best value available with two 16-ounce candles for just $40 a month, and each candle is made with pure soy wax and cotton wicks for a clean, soot-free burn. Hello, housewarming season.

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11. Wicksly

Cost: Starting at $20/month

What you get: One soy-based candle + matches

Why we love it: For fragrance connoisseurs who want to expand their collection but don’t want to spend an entire month’s rent on candles, this monthly subscription includes soy-based, luxury candles with seasonal scents that are made to last. Each box includes one hand-crafted candle and a set of matches, and you can choose from one, three, six and twelve-month pre-paid plans.

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Yankee Candle

12. Yankee Candle

Cost: $25/month

What you get: Three hand-picked candles

Why we love it: Even if you’re a loyal Yankee Candle fan, you won’t be able to get the curated selection of fragrances included in this box. The subscription utilizes a four-question quiz to get a read on your personality and preferences before sending a trio of seasonal tumbler candles in fragrances that have been hand-picked for you every thirteen weeks. Plus, if you’re feeling a mood shift, you can update your scent profile at any time.

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