10 Things I Love About the Cadillac XT4

The all-new Cadillac XT4 is marketed as a compact crossover perfect for a small family or a city dweller who wants the height and safety of an SUV without the typical size.

But does it deliver on this promise? I was lucky enough to try out the XT4 recently, and here’s what I loved about it.

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xt4 rear tires one
Connie Peters

1.the Rear View

For me, there’s just something about large rear tires. And a compact crossover with this view makes it look sporty and fun, not just functional. I also love the wide stance and Cadillac's signature tall tail lights, which give it an elegant yet vibrant appearance.

cadillac xt4 headlights two
Connie Peters

2. The Front Grille And Headlights

Standard LED headlights on the Cadillac XT4 along with the black diamond grille gives this model a classic look. The overall lines are sleek and compact, and further evidence that this is luxury, baby.

xt4 driver cabin three
Connie Peters

3. The Simple-to-use Touchscreen

Oh, man did I appreciate the intuitive dashboard and infotainment controls. In some vehicles, multiple screens and far too many buttons, touchpads and joysticks over-complicate things. The Cadillac dash and infotainment system, on the other hand, keeps everything neat, tidy and easily within reach while driving.

xt4 interior four
Connie Peters

4. The Huge Moonroof/sunroof

The giant moonroof lets in a lot of light within the cabin, making the car feel even larger than it is—and this extends all the way to the back seat.

xt4 rear seating five
Connie Peters

5. The Interior Color

The white (Wheat) leather in the vehicle I tested was just beautiful. There are actually three interior colors to choose fromJet—Black, Sedona (a rich brown) and Wheat—all modern and elegant.

cadillac xt4 rear six
Connie Peters

6. The Sleek Exterior Lines

The lines on the XT4 are refined and simple, and really read “classic Cadillac” with just a hint of SUV.

steering and dashboard xt4 seven
Connie Peters

7. The Simple Steering Wheel Controls

Similar to the touchscreen and infotainment centers, the steering wheel controls are also simple to use and include music, dash settings, cruise control and phone calls.

xt4 view from driver side eight
Connie Peters

8. The Robust Shoulder-check View

As you can see in this photo, a shoulder-check to the right gives you a broad and open view out of the back and side of the vehicle. The rear side windows have extra panels to add even more visibility.

xt4 trunk nine
Connie Peters

9. The Roomy Cargo

There is plenty of space throughout the XT4, including legroom for all passengers and the driver. There’s also ample space for car seats, yet the LATCH clips are hidden under the leather overlay.

xt4 driver side nine
Connie Peters

10. The Overall Modern Luxury

This guy may not be enormous, but that’s the point. There aren't very many compact crossovers on the market yet, and even fewer if you want to go high-end. The XT4 has it all: space, simplicity and luxury.

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