10 Design Ideas We’re Stealing from Whitney Port’s Bright and Airy New Kitchen

Ever since we saw Whitney Port's glorious digs in Studio City, we’ve been dreaming of ways to recreate the clean yet eclectic vibes in our own home. Thankfully, the design brain behind the transformation is our lovely friend (and Coterie member) Marie Flanigan—who was kind enough to share her best tips on mimicking its bright, breezy magic. 

This Backsplash Trend Is Actually Totally Timeless

Add Single-ledge Open Shelving

Way prettier than bulky upper cabinetry.

Run Countertops Up The Wall

Behold: Luxe and modern backsplash perfection. (Psst: This gorgeous quartzite is from Aria Stone Gallery.)

Lighten Up Your Cabinet Finishes

Use a custom stain or a good old coat of fresh white paint.

Install Modern, Streamlined Hardware

Slim-lined knobs and pulls = loads of contemporary polish.

Add Glamorous Lighting Fixtures

A sculptural, elevated fixture or two adds a hint of approachable elegance when placed over an island or breakfast nook.


Layer Rugs To Define A Dining Space

Look to neutral flat-weave options for an extra dose of charm—but also durability.

‘decorate’ With Beautiful Dishware

When you’re not dining, they’ll bring color and light to those open-concept shelves.

Consider Natural Woven Window Treatments

These versatile window shades are low profile and add the perfect amount of warmth and texture—and give you total light filtration control.

Mix Different Furniture Periods For Visual Interest

Vintage, mid-century modern, contemporary ones: It’s all good.

Most Importantly, Keep Your Foundation Light & Bright

Think white walls and pale wood or tiled flooring. (See? This bright and airy kitchen thing isn’t so difficult after all.)


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