We Tried the 5 Most Popular Boxed Mattresses...and Here’s What We Think

Boxed mattress companies are a dime a dozen these days, so it can be hard to figure out which—if any—will work for you. That’s why we took a deep dive into five of the most popular ones. Read on for pricing info, return policies and real-life user reviews to see if any of these are right for your sleep needs.

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Price: From $595 for queen size. The brand also offers higher- and lower-cost models: The Essential (from $395) and The Wave (from $1,095).

Best for: Combination sleepers

Materials: Softer foam under your shoulders relieves pressure and keeps you comfortable, while firmer foam under your hips and core provides a little extra support where you need it for proper spine alignment. Casper mattresses also use open-cell foams that have tiny pores to let excess hot air escape (for a cooler sleep).

Firmness: 6.5/10

Shipping and Returns: Both free, plus a 100-night trial. If you opt to send it back, many returned mattresses are donated to charity.

Best Thing About It: “It’s great for co-sleeping—I barely notice when my fiancé gets in and out of bed!”

Worst Thing About It: “It's definitely firm and thus, not great for side sleeping. On nights when I'm in fetal position, I wake up feeling pretty stiff.”


Price: From $585 for queen size Luxe Classic Firmer mattress. (Allswell also has a classic mattress, but our reviewer tried the firmer version.)

Best for: Front and back sleepers

Materials: This is a hybrid mattress, for those who prefer a medium-firm feel. Layers of memory foam are paired with individually wrapped coils to offer just the right amount of firmness.

Firmness: 8/10

Shipping and Returns: Both free, plus a 100-night trial.

Best Thing About It: “I was immediately impressed with the craftsmanship and materials. (It seemingly slipped out of the box, and bounced into place in under 24 hours.) It's got a memory foam gel topper on top of a traditional spring mattress, which means you get a little of the sink of memory foam, but also the support of more traditional mattresses. My husband, who is a back sleeper, loved it from Day 1, and woke up with absolutely no back pain…which is rare for him.”

Worst Thing About It: “I wish we had gone with the Classic Allswell—ultimately, this mattress was too firm for me (a side-sleeper), and I felt too much pressure on my hips and shoulders, and had to return it. In short: If you like a very firm mattress with just a little bit of squish, this one is for you. Otherwise, go with the Classic.”

Tuft & Needle

Price: From $595 for queen size.

Best for: Side sleepers

Materials: A pressure relief layer of adaptive foam provides a mix of firm and soft, while a support layer of foam provides a supportive base for a productive night’s sleep. Tuft & Needle mattresses are also made with heat-wicking graphite to keep you cool.

Firmness: 6/10

Shipping and Returns: Both free, plus a 100-night trial.

Best Thing About It: “Getting a box shipped to my apartment was so clutch, given the horrors of NYC moving in general. I literally just cut the plastic and had a bed instantly—genius. The price point is also great, and I love that it doesn't cave in the center like some mattresses do.”

Worst Thing About It: “The ends of the mattress are not as sturdy as a regular mattress so when you sit on the end (like maybe to put on shoes or something), it caves in. I've used the mattress on two different frames: It felt much better on a more expensive frame.”


Price: From $995 for queen size.

Best For: Guest rooms and short-term use

Materials: Each Leesa mattress has three layers of foam: Comfort (two inches), Recovery (two inches) and Support (six inches).

Firmness: 7/10

Shipping and Returns: Both free, plus a 100 night risk-free trial. 

Best Thing About It: “What I appreciated about the Leesa was the ease in ordering and setting up the mattress: Typically mattress deliveries need to be scheduled ahead of time, but the box arrived pretty promptly in the mail, you unfolded the mattress and in a few hours (as it settled into its shape) it was ready to go.”

Worst Thing About It: “The mattress does not hold up well over time. After two years, we found that both my husband and myself would roll into the center of the bed despite positioning ourselves on the edge of the bed when we went to sleep. It was not a durable mattress and what started out as comfortable ended up being pretty unsupportive to sleep on. I wish we had put it in the guest room, where it would have lasted longer.”


Price: From $1,199 for queen size.

Best For: Couples

Materials: Another hybrid mattress, DreamClouds combine layers of foam and coils. Gel-infused memory foam provides you with heat distribution and support that contours to your body. Organized into five comfort zones, DreamCloud’s patented "BestRest" Coils provide the precise level of support you need, where you need it.

Firmness: 7.5/10

Shipping and Returns: Both free, plus a 365-day trial.  

Best Thing About It: “How little motion transfer other sleepers experience in the bed. I'm a noted tosser and turner, and my husband noticed absolutely no movement, even with me right beside him in bed. Highly recommended for couples with different bedtimes and sleep really don't annoy each other!”

Worst Thing About It:  “In the world of boxed mattresses, this guy is on the pricier side.”

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