The One Trick for Making a Small Space Look Bigger (According to Bobby Berk from ‘Queer Eye’)

high ceilings artwork 728
Photo: Claire Esparros/Design: Louisa G. Roeder/Courtesy of Homepolish

From offering the camera your best angle to dressing to accentuate your waistline, you’re pretty much a master at working what your mama gave you. The question is, are you doing the same for your cramped living quarters?

According to Queer Eye star and home guru Bobby Berk, there’s one piece of professional design magic we should all be using when it comes to small living spaces: Decorating the ceiling. 

“If you’re working with a small room, one of my favorite things to do is to add visual interest above eye level: hang your art up high, position curtain rods against the ceiling or find an intriguing light fixture,” explains the spokesman. “By drawing the eye up, you distribute interest across the space versus just the minimal horizontal footprint you have.”

Lightbulb moment! (Pun intended.) Per the photo above, “can you even believe” the difference upper detailing makes?


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From 2014-2019 Grace Beuley Hunt held the role of Home Editor covering interior design, styling, trends and more.