The Chicest Way to ‘Hide’ Your Fugly Television

Televisions: Great to watch, not so great to look at. (Unless, you know, you’re into vacuous black holes in the middle of your living room.) But if the idea of hiding the thing behind an armoire or partition sounds like an annoying extra step (we mean, mama just wants to flop on the couch and watch RHONY sometimes), thankfully there are ways to make it less of an eyesore. 

Our favorite? This fix—don’t hide your TV, just minimize its prominence by building a gallery wall around it. (Kudos to our friends at Rohe Creative for executing this so beautifully.)

Here’s what you do:

1. Place your TV atop a console, credenza or table.
2. Start by hanging art in line with your television (aka just above your surface).
3. Build out your collection from there (P.S. Here’s how to master the gallery wall.)

Check it By surrounding your TV with similar shapes and lots of visual interest, it kinda becomes NBD. No hardwiring—or extra TV-watching step—necessary.

10 Clever Ways to Make Your TV Less Hideous


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