The 12 Best Ironing Board Options for Every Kind of Home

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There’s something magical that happens to your confidence levels when you put on a freshly ironed, crisp, wrinkle-free shirt. But let’s face it: Ironing isn’t exactly the most exciting chore on anyone’s to-do list. Invest in the best ironing board, however, and you might just find it to be a soothing activity. We researched the best options on the market to help you complete your laundry efficiently and reduce back and neck strain, all while fitting into any tight spaces with compact, innovative designs. Here’s what we discovered.

What to Look for in an Ironing Board

Height: For starters, your ironing board should be at a proper height for your frame—something that’s crucial for preventing back and neck strain and keeping your clothing within easy reach (otherwise, you’d just crouch down and do it on the floor!). Depending on your comfort levels, the option you choose should come up to at least hip height. Height-adjusting features are a nice bonus, especially if multiple people in the household will be using it, or if you simply prefer to sit while ironing.

Board size: Ironing boards generally come in one of five sizes.

  • Mini/Tabletop: 12 inches x 32 inches
  • Small/Narrow: 13 inches x 53 inches
  • Standard: 14 inches x 49 inches to 15 x 54 inches
  • Large/Wide: 18 inches x 49 inches
  • Specialized: 19 inches

Think about what you’re most likely to use your ironing board for and choose your size accordingly. If you’re likely to iron small items like shirts or hand towels, the first three sizes should do the trick. If you’ll be ironing full suits, bedsheets and other large items, however, the last three will likely be a better bet. Other boards may be measured in letter sizing, with A being the smallest at around 11 inches x 43 inches and E being the largest at 19 inches x 53 inches.

Board pad: One of the most important aspects of your board is its pad cover, which comes in numerous fabrics and sizes (4 to 8 millimeters thick). Look for materials such as felt, cotton, heat-reflecting copper or anything silicone-coated to prevent your clothes from sticking to the pad. Generally, the thicker and tauter the material, the easier it’ll be for your iron to glide against its surface without slipping. Ideally, the pad itself should also be dotted with vent holes to allow steam to penetrate through.

Weight: A lightweight ironing board will be easier to transfer from room to room. However, the more lightweight your frame is, the greater your risk of a hot, heavy iron toppling off of it. As such, a light ironing board should contain friction pads on its legs to help prevent this.

Additional features: There are numerous other elements that can make your ironing experience a lot easier and safer. An integrated holder, for instance, can prevent you from burning the pad, your clothes or any other surface it comes in contact with. The board itself should be tipped at each end to facilitate ironing smaller, more delicate items, like sleeves and collars. If it isn’t, ensure that it comes with an attachment for this purpose.

With that, here’s a look at the best ironing boards to add to your at-home laundry room setup.

The Best Ironing Board Options at a Glance

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Best Overall Ironing Board

1. Happhom Folding Ironing Board


The classic X-style frame of this ironing board slides open and closed and has a storage lock for when it's open to ensure it doesn't accidentally snap shut. The board is topped with an eco-foam layer to help the heat circulate, according to the company, plus felt padding for extra heat-resistancy. At the top, there's a padded cotton ironing board cover to help it glide. The height is adjustable up to 33 inches tall and the board itself folds flat for easy storage when it’s not in use. It can also be hung carefully from the folded legs (which, BTW, have non-slip grips).

WHAT WE LIKE: The height is adjustable up to 33 inches tall and the board itself folds flat for easy storage when it’s not in use. It can also be hung carefully from the folded legs.


2. Honey-can-do Ironing Board

Best ironing board for small spaces

This small ironing board is made of lightweight plastic.

WHAT WE LIKE: You can turn any hard surface in your home into an ironing board with this compact, 32-inch-long model that can sit on any table, countertop or desk—it even folds in half when it’s time to store it. It includes a pull-out metal iron rest that will be super handy when you’re folding or putting away clothes, and the metal frame features rubber caps on its feet for added friction and support.


3. Minky Homecare Hot Spot Pro Ironing Board 

Most durable ironing board

This ironing board’s cotton pad is coated with heat reflective prozone material, which supposedly works to remove wrinkles and creases with less physical and electrical energy.

WHAT WE LIKE: This board has a moveable silcone “hot spot” that attaches with a clip, which is basically just a modern take on a traditional metal iron rest. That means you can place it down at your convenience without fear of setting off the smoke alarms. Its looped legs provide extra stability for the board, while its extra-thick cushioning provides a smooth ironing surface.

Best Child-Safe Ironing Board

4. Brabantia Ironing Board


Featuring a transport- and child-safe lock that will prevent collapsing, this size C Brabantia ironing board is suitable for use in homes with small children or pets.

WHAT WE LIKE: In addition to its special locking system, this design has protective non-slip caps to prevent the ironing board from shifting (not to mention reduce the wear on your floors). It includes an iron rest to boot. What’s more, the design adds a dose of levity to an otherwise utilitarian homecare tool.

best ironing boards sarosora

5. Sarosora Retractable Ironing Board

Best retractable ironing board

Contrary to what you might believe about a retractable ironing board, styles like this one, which affix to the wall, allow you the freedom to orient the board in the direction of your choosing using the adjustment nut beneath it.

WHAT WE LIKE: The steel rails allow this model to glide in and out of your closet for easy storage. You can also fold it in half if you won’t be needing to take advantage of its full 47-inch length. Reviewers note that installing the ironing board right near their dryer also encourages them to iron their clothes right away rather than procrastinating for days on end.

Most Compact

6. Household Essentials Tabletop Ironing Board

Household Essentials

A plastic top covered by a cotton cover allows this little tabletop model to provide your clothes with even heat distribution, so they'll look smoother and more crease-free in a quicker time frame. The 20-inch piece includes an over-the-door hook and foldable legs that’ll allow you to move it (and store it!) just about anywhere, taking up no more space in your closet than a sweater. 

WHAT WE LIKE: The 20-inch piece includes an over-the-door hook and foldable steel legs that’ll allow you to move it (and store it!) just about anywhere, taking up no more space in your closet than a sweater.

bet ironing board household essentials over door

7. Household Essentials Over-the-door Ironing Board

Best over-the-door ironing board

The sturdy steel frame of this design allows it to hang securely from the top of your door while also providing a stable ironing surface. There’s even a built-in iron holder, so you can store the two together.

WHAT WE LIKE: The included bronze cover reflects heat to give you a more efficient ironing experience while also being impervious to stains. This board is also equipped with a lever that you can use to tuck your board back up against the door when you’re done with it.


8. Brabantia Ironing Board With Linen Rack

Best ironing board with clothes rack

You can adjust the height of this ironing board to sit between 29.5 to 40 inches (that's roughly 2.5- to 3.3-feet), making it appropriate for folks of all heights and positioning preferences. It’s extra-long length of 63 inches also makes for a quick and efficient ironing session.

WHAT WE LIKE: Thanks to the ironing board’s built-in linen rack, you can hang put the clothes that are on deck to be ironed or hang them there once you're through with them. A child- and transport-safe lock make this a great option for every household, and a stainless-steel iron rest allows for added safety. Its legs include non-slip caps.


9. Minky Homecare Steam Pro Drip Guard Ironing Board

Best wide ironing board

At 17 inches wide, this ironing board allows you to tackle larger garments without having to repeatedly reposition them.

WHAT WE LIKE: A combination of anti-slip leg caps and a loop leg design provides unmatched stability and floor protection, so you can iron with confidence. This wide pick includes an rest that’s supportive of both conventional and steam irons, and, thanks to its four-layer drip guard cover, you won’t see any moisture penetrating through the board—something that will ultimately improve its shelf life. it's ideal for taller individuals, too, since it can be elevated to sit as high as 39 inches tall.

best ironing board household essentials stowaway

10. Household Essentials Stowaway In-wall Ironing Board

Best ironing board wall unit

Store your still-warm iron on one of the heat barrier-coated shelves included in this unit without having to wait for it to cool off. It comes in white or unfinished oak to complement any living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom décor.

WHAT WE LIKE: Thanks to the elegant wood paneling seen in this all-in-one piece, you can hide your ironing board in plain sight. Inside the cabinet, you’ll also get two shelves for ironing-related belongings, like wrinkle eraser spray, plus the 41-inch ironing board that protrudes from the bottom. It swivels by 180 degrees for your convenience and can be adjusted by as much as 10 inches in height.

best ironing board iron a way

11. Iron-a-way Electric Built-in Ironing Center

Best ironing board center

This ironing board center contains everything you'll need to begin to love the task, from a built-in electrical outlet and one-hour motor timer to a spotlight and safety disconnect feature, which means you won't have to worry about whether or not your left your iron plugged in (breathing deep sighs of relief).

WHAT WE LIKE: You’re able to swivel the 42-inch ironing board by as much as 180 degrees while locking it in as many as five different positions and adjusting its height. The board itself is made from a durable, ventilated metal for even, rapid ironing, and comes in several luxurious finishes, such as maple veneer and mirrored, with your choice of a left or right door hinge.

best ironing board boahaus

12. Boahaus Freestanding Ironing Board

Best cheap ironing board

This ironing board storage unit comes with all the hardware you'll need to fasten it to the wall, though it also has sturdy plastic legs do the job of keeping it still on its own.

WHAT WE LIKE: Given that you’re getting a three-tiered storage unit with four open shelves, a closed cabinet and a 36-inch ironing board with an included cover, you'll be packing a lot of bang for your buck in with this option. It’s got a great space-saving design that will allow you to keep all your ironing essentials on hand while simultaneously using it to store other miscellaneous household items. Plus, with an elegant design like this, there’s no need to rush to hide the ironing board back into the closet.

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