After Trying Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select Paint, It’s the Only One I’ll Use as the Mom of a 4-Year-Old

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint Can
Benjamin Moore/Dasha Burobina

When you cover interior design for roughly a decade, you talk to a lot of designers. And your home soon becomes a perpetual work in progress—as trends and techniques inspire you, you can’t help but try them yourself (and seek the experts’ advice on how to go about them).

At least that’s been the case for me, and after five years of leaning into the cocooning moodiness of navy blues and dark greens, I was craving something brighter and airier—but I kept dragging my feet on actually repainting. Part office, part play room for our four-year-old daughter and her friends, this space gets lived in. Navy walls helped hide the smudges, scuffs and chips, as long as no one looked too closely. But could I really transition to something bright without the room looking ragged in a year? Or six months, given my brigade of rowdy, fingerpaint-loving preschoolers trouncing through?

Then, I remembered designer after designer sing the praises of their favorite Benjamin Moore paint and colors. Not just the hues themselves, but how smooth the paint dried and how well it held up over time. So, when given the chance to try Benjamin Moore Regal Select, I jumped at the opportunity—and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t try it sooner. Here’s why.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint, Tested: before, a navy room; after, a light gray room painted using Regal Select
Candace Davison/Dasha Burobina

It Applies So Smoothly

This deserves to be shouted from the rooftops: It took two coats to turn patchy, dark-blue-bordering-on-navy walls a delightfully crisp, Balboa Mist OC-27. Two coats! Two!

In fact, after the first coat I questioned whether I’d need a second, and it was largely just for touch-up areas where my roller breezed by a bit too lightly.  

Halfway through the first coat, I found some small holes in the wall I’d missed—remnants of the former owner’s love of playing darts. Once the paint dried, I spackled the holes and painted another coat, paranoid I just cursed myself to repainting the entire wall. But no—it dried evenly and cleanly.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist paint in a hallway with an arched entry
COLOR: Balboa Mist PHOTO: Benjamin Moore

It Stands Up to Everyday Wear and Tear

My biggest gripe about my navy walls? If they got scuffed, you’d have to scrub them…and your sponge (or paper towel) could come back tinted blue. Over time, the walls looked like a worn pair of jeans, and not in a good way. It was more like a sad patchwork that made you want to keep the lights dimmed at all times, enhancing the cave-like feel of the basement.

That became another perk of using Regal Select: Not only does it contain a mildew-resistant coating (ideal for occasionally damp basements), it features stain-release technology so the walls wipe clean easily.

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I immediately put that tech to the test, smudging the wall with crayons and letting spaghetti splatters dry on it. (Hey, this is a review, isn’t it? I had to!) With just a few swipes of a damp sponge, both were gone. Other scuffs buffed away easily too.

The Bottom Line

My only regret, honestly, is that this project has started a snowball effect: Suddenly, the walls look so good that I want to repaint the master bedroom, and the chipped plaster by my radiator in the dining room. And well, now that the basement walls are so crisp and bright, how can I live with that brown and beige wall-to-wall carpet I’d inherited? Like I said, a home editor’s house is a perpetual work in progress.

You can use Benjamin Moore’s store locator to find a paint or hardware store near you that carries Regal Select. The company works with independently owned authorized retailers—not big box shops—so you’ll be supporting a small business, and you’ll reap the benefits of being able to ask a pro any questions you may have before placing an order.

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