Feng Shui Bed Placement: The One Place You Should *Never* Put Your Bed

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Things we'll never stop striving for: A true work/life balance, a healthy(ish) diet, a better night's sleep. Which is why, when we recently had the chance to chat with feng shui master Bryce Kennedy, we paid extra special attention to his bedroom decor tips. Here is his advice for what Feng Shui tells us about bed placement.

(Friendly refresher for y'all: Feng shui is an ancient Chinese school of study that examines object placements and how they affect a home’s energy.) According to Kennedy, there's one bed layout you need to avoid at all costs: Facing a doorway head-on.

In other words, you should never place a bed in direct alignment with a passageway. Why? Because this configuration subconsciously "blasts you head-on with energy" while you're trying to get some rest. Interesting.

Now, we don't know much about the energy work at play here, but we must say—it makes sense to us on a basic level. Think about it: When you're trying to sleep while also worrying about bedroom invaders, we could see how this could be subconsciously stressful—or in other words, crappy feng shui.

So there you have it, guys: Try flipping your bed placement from parallel to perpendicular...and you could be sleeping easier.


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