4 Pieces Every Aries Should Have in Her Bedroom, According to an Astrologer

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Perhaps the best kept secret about Aries? They’re total homebodies, says astrologer Jaime Wright. “They love making their home space as comfortable and personalized as possible,” she explains. And their bedrooms definitely reflect that thanks to a mix of trendy, unique decor that’s sure to make the rest of the signs jealous. Here, four pieces every Aries should have in her bedroom to feel like her true zodiac self.

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1. a Big, Fancy Headboard

As an Aries, you like to make your bed the focal point of the room—with any practical or less-than-glamorous items tucked out of sight. “It’s almost like the bed is their throne and Aries are the queens of naps,” Wright explains. So when you walk into an Aries’s bedroom, you’ll likely see a huge headboard. This upholstered one from Brookside is designed to fit a variety of different bed frames and bases, making it an easy addition to your existing setup.

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2. Unique Wall Art

If you’re like most Aries, when someone enters your home, you want them to know the space is yours. Which means you typically personalize every available wall with unique artwork, like this framed paint swatch print. It features some of the fiery red, orange and yellow shades Aries are drawn to, and it’ll definitely make an impression on guests.

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3. A Jewelry Stand

Aries aren’t reckless spenders, but they definitely appreciate the finer things in life. So chances are you’ve invested in some high-quality jewelry over the years—and you might as well put it on display. This three-tier jewelry organizer from Umbra is a huge upgrade from the jumbled dish of gold jewelry on the top of your dresser.

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4. A Dehumidifier

OK, so this isn’t exactly a pretty decor piece. But since Aries tend to run hot, many of them find having a dehumidifier in their room helpful, says Wright. This mini one is whisper-quiet and removes up to nine ounces of water per day. Just stick it under your bed or behind your laundry basket so it doesn’t ruin your room’s aesthetic.

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