This $19 Amazon Gizmo Makes Washing Sheets *So* Much Easier

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Oops, they did it again. During your weekly bedding laundering sesh, you’ve discovered a heap of sheets and pillowcases tangled up and still partially wet even after a full cycle in dryer. The solutions? Waste a ton of energy and up your electric bill by drying everything one at time. (Nope.) You could break out the clothespins, but last time you checked you didn’t even have a clothesline. Or, you could try a novel little thing called, appropriately, Wad-Free. With over 2,200 five-star ratings on Amazon, I decided to test out this clever device for myself.

What’s Wad-Free?

The product is a small, plastic contraption that connects to each corner of your sheet before you toss them in the wash. You get two Wad-Free pieces (one for the fitted sheet, one for the flat sheet).

How does it work exactly?

It’s easy. Basically you just attach each corner of your sheet to one of the four secures. Once the corners are in place, toss your sheets in the washer, then the dryer and…that’s it! The brand promises no tangles or balling, and I can attest to that after using it for several months. Before my first trial, I thought that sheets would for sure detatch from the Wad-Free, but they stayed snug the entire wash.

Are They Reusable?

Whether you wash your sheets weekly, biweekly or monthly, the Wad-Free holds up. I’m a biweekly sheet washer, and I’ve been using the Wad-Free for about four months, and they’re in the same condition from the first time I used them.

Final Thoughts

At only $19, this product was really a no-brainer for me, especially since I have shared laundry in my building. This means that if my laundry doesn’t totally dry, I’m going back and forth way too many times for my liking. In the times that I’ve used Wad-Free (yes, sometimes I forget to bring them down!), my laundry is so much more efficient. Note that while my sheets (and sanity) have benefited from Wad-Free, some reviewers claim it tore their sheets after a couple of uses, which is probably why the brand shares that certain materials should not be used with the Wad-Free (bamboo, rayon and eucalyptus).

Now that my sheet problem is all set, I could use some help with my duvet. And according to the brand, it’s in the works. In response to an Amazon reviewer, the company said: “The next patent-pending product in the Wad-Free™ line will be specifically for blankets and duvet covers, and it will better handle the thicker, heavier mass of those items." I'll definitely be keeping an eye out.

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