Is This $55 Purification Device for Cleaning Produce *Actually* Worth It? We Test It Out

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When it comes to eating more fruits and vegetables, it's not always as easy as opening a bag of chips. Sometimes, we're in a rush and we just swipe our snacks under a stream of water to rinse them off. But, does that really get the job done?

In the latest episode of PureWow's Take My Money series, creator Kate tests out a $55 wireless purification system, which uses OH ions to remove residue from fruit, vegetables, meat and even tableware.

So is this purchase worth it? Watch the video below to find out.

As Kate demonstrates with strawberries, you can start by filling a clean bowl, or your sink, with water and then placing the fruit or vegetable you want to clean inside. Then, lay the purifier at the bottom.

As it cleans, you should stir your food around in the water every few minutes (you only need to soak your item for a total of 10 minutes). Then, when the cleaning process is done, the purification system will emit three beeps. To finish, rinse your fruits or vegetables with clean water.

When comparing the product to simply placing the fruits in a bowl of water, Kate noticed that the purifier did seem to remove more debris from the strawberries. See her full take and her PureWow 100 score in the clip above.

Purification System.

1. Wireless Purification System

P.S. The device comes with a charge port, wire and the OH generator. (Oh, and did we mention the device is on sale at the moment for only $17?!)

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