8 Chic Ways to Banish Mosquitoes from Your Backyard

The sun is setting, the Sancerre is poured...and a near-biblical swarm of mosquitoes just descended on your yard. Before you retreat indoors for the season, consider these eight chic and clever bug-repelling solutions.

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citronella coils 524
Courtesy of Fredericks & Mae

1. Citronella Coils

Looks like an abstract wind chime, works like bug-repelling incense. Psst: The cedarwood “coils” are soaked in citronella.

Fredericks & Mae ($36)

marigold mix 921
Courtesy of Terrain

2. Marigolds

These cheerful annuals have a distinct scent that mosquitos loathe. They also contain pyrethrum, a natural compound used in most insect repellents.

Terrain ($1)

3. Fans

Breezeless night? Position a good-looking, quiet fan at one end of your table to blow bugs away from food and faces.

Vornado ($50)

palo santo incense 921
Courtesy of Need Supply Co.

4. Palo Santo Sticks

These aromatic wood incense sticks (which happen to look great in a decorative bowl) can be used as a substitute for citronella.

Need Supply Co. ($12)

chic oil lamp 524
Courtesy of Design Within Reach

5. Oil Lamps

Sprinkle a few attractive oil lamps (filled with citronella oil) as a festive, bug-fighting alternative to hurricane lanterns.

Design Within Reach ($149)

linen mist 524
Courtesy of Kaufman Mercantile

6. Linen Sprays

Spritz your tablecloth and clothing with this natural essential oils mist, which has bug-banishing notes of geranium, cedarwood and peppermint.

Kaufman Mercantile ($85)

7. Tiki Torches

Create a fortress by lining festive bamboo torches alongside, or around, your dining area. (The smoke repels any mosquitoes in the vicinity.)

AllModern ($28 each)

pretty citronella candles 921
Courtesy of Terrain

8. Citronella Candles

An oldie, but a goodie. We say skip the drugstore versions and splurge on something a little lovelier—like these large, hammered glass beauties.

Terrain ($58)


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