11 Wines to Pair with Halloween Candy

So, you raided your kids’ Halloween candy stash. NBD. Here, the best wines to wash it down with—whether you snuck a Kit Kat or mini pack of candy corn.

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Kit Kat: Prosecco

Crisp bubbles are the perfect match for crisp wafers. Plus, the citrus notes of the sparkling wine draw out the creamy flavors of the chocolate. Yum.


Reese's Peanut Butter Cup: Port Wine

You’ll need something with a bit of acidity—but also sweetness—to balance the peanut butter filling.


Gummy Bears: Rosé

Hey, there’s a waiting list for rosé-flavored bears for a reason. This light and semisweet wine perfectly complements the gummies’ fruity flavors.

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M&ms: Cabernet Sauvignon

When it comes to chocolate, you can’t go wrong with a medium-bodied red. A great match for this candy whether you nab the regular or peanut kind.


Candy Corn: Chardonnay

The buttery notes in this white wine somehow mute the sugary taste of this Halloween favorite.


Red Licorice: Moscato

No matter how many Red Vines you eat, the chewy texture calls for something that’s slightly sweet.


Sour Patch Kids: Champagne

A candy this sour requires a chaser that’s acidic enough to cleanse your palate, but fancy enough to savor each bite.

Snickers: White Zinfandel

Mmmm, nougat topped with caramel and peanuts. You’ll need something nutty—with a hint of spice—to draw out the range of flavors packed into the bar.

Butterfinger: Pinot Grigio

The roasted peanut butter layer is sweet, which is why this wine (and its citrusy notes) is the perfect pair.


Skittles: Sauvignon Blanc

The dry and zesty flavors cut right through the sweetness in this candy so you can really taste the rainbow.

Starburst: Pinot Noir

The berry flavors in this red elegantly match the cherry, raspberry and fruity flavors of this mouthwatering (and easy-to-unwrap) treat.

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