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So many things to eat, so little time. And if you’re like us, you definitely get food FOMO when you discover that the banana bacon cake or specialty dumpling you saw on Instagram has already come and gone. But don’t sweat it (save that for the gym, post–food coma)—we’ve mapped out the best things you should be eating this January. 

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best food nyc flip chili
Stephanie Aviles/Flip Sigi

1. Flip Chili at Flip Sigi

Food Network and Cooking Channel celeb chef Jordan Andino is heating up winter with the guiltiest chili imaginable at his trendy West Village Filipino spot. The Flip Chili combines Longanisa sausage, ground beef and ground pork, and it’s served with an avocado crema, shredded cheese and FritoLay Fritos. It was inspired by something Andino had growing up: His Visayan grandfather would make him munggo, a lentil stew that made him feel comforted and absolutely full. Grab your own comforting bowl all January long.

best food nyc curate
Georgina Salter

2. Spanish Tapas Pop-Up by Chef Katie Button at Chefs Club

James Beard Award–nominated Asheville, North Carolina, chef Katie Button has brought her Spanish tapas restaurant, Cúrate, to New York City for a two-month residency at Chefs Club, which wraps up February 1. The experience is reminiscent of Spain’s bustling vermuterías and lively tapas culture, inspired by Button’s years working for Ferran Adrià and José Andrés.

Cúrate (which means “cure yourself” in Spanish) reflects the restorative effects of gathering together over a delicious meal. The pop-up will feature Button’s menu highlights—think salt cod fritters topped with honey; canned Spanish cockles served with potato chips and a house-made salsa de aperitivo; and grilled head-on carabineros—paired with Spanish wines.

gran tivoli
Gran Tivoli

3. Sardinian Sundays at Gran Tivoli

Sundays are for a six-hour lamb feast, naturally. Inspired by the cultural tradition of getting together with family and friends for a meal on Sunday, Sardinian Sundays at Gran Tivoli are a chance for groups to gather, feast and catch up over a home-cooked Sunday lamb roast by chef and owner Robert Marchetti. It features a three-course meal served family-style, starring the chef’s six-hour suckling lamb shanks, plus a larger-than-life bread basket, baked ziti, broccolini, creamy mashed potatoes and a build-your-own gelato tower.

best food nyc mimi cheng
Mimi Cheng's


The dumpling connoisseurs at Mimi Cheng’s have teamed up with Josh Ku and Trigg Brown of Win Son for a very special 2020 Lunar New Year collaboration this month, the Lunar Dumpling. It’s filled with chili and garlic–cured lamb, budding chives and scallions, and it’s served with a side of sauce made with chili crisp, whipped labneh, vinegar and garlic.

best food nyc red bakery
Red Gate Bakery

5. Banana Cake at Red Gate Bakery

Bananas and bacon are a match made in heaven, right? Red Gate Bakery in the East Village thinks so (and we do too!). This cake has bacon fat running through banana sponge and actual bits of bacon in the cream cheese frosting sandwiched in between. It’s all topped off with a layer of frosting and a shaggy coat of toasted coconut shavings.

best food nyc Fiaschetteria Pistoia
Courtesy of Fiaschetteria Pistoia

6. Maccheroni Sull’anatra at Fiaschetteria Pistoia

If you want to feel transported to Tuscany but can’t afford the airfare, head to Fiaschetteria Pistoia in the East Village (or its spinoff in the West Village, for that matter). You can watch a man make pasta in the corner of the restaurant, and after seeing it, you’d be remiss not to order it. The maccheroni sull’anatra is a PureWow editor favorite, featuring thick, flat pasta topped with duck ragù.

pretty ricky
Pretty Ricky's

7. Cacio e Pepe Salad at Pretty Ricky’s

The team behind this Lower East Side newcomer (and Mister Paradise) is helping maintain your New Year’s resolutions (sort of) with a variation on everyone’s fave: cacio e pepe Caesar. It’s a light twist to the pasta-forward dish, with Parmesan for the cacio and fried capers to taste.


best food nyc Arthouse Wine Bar
Arthouse Wine Bar

8. The Vegan Van Gogh Pizza at Arthouse Wine Bar

It might be Veganuary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a “cheesy” and “meaty” pizza. This Upper West Side wine bar recently joined forces with Oath pizzas to offer pizza and wine pairings, specifically a vegan pizza and wine pairing. The Vegan Van Gogh has vegan cheese, Beyond meatballs, white beans, diced tomatoes, chili oil and scallions. Pair it with a vegan wine of course: Bobal has notes of dried berries, a juicy acidity and a spicy finish, and the wine is clarified using all non-animal products.

best food nyc little tong
Little Tong Noodle Shop

9. Lamb Meatball Paomo at Little Tong Noodle Shop East Village

Celebrate the coming of spring and Chinese New Year with a lamb paomo (lamb soup traditionally paired with flat bread). A specialty of Shaanxi cuisine, this homey, classic all-day dish from the capital city Xi’an uses Shelsky’s Everything Flagel in lieu of the flatbread. The flagel is placed on top of a bowl of steamy lamb bone broth, which has been seasoned with fennel, star anise, Sichuan peppercorn and aged lamb fat. Soak pieces of the flagel in the soup and eat it with various accompaniments, including lamb meatball, house pickles, fermented chili and grilled leeks with crème fraîche.


best food nyc 232 bleeker
Evan Sung

10. Moses Sleeper Lasagna at 232 Bleecker

Lasagna is supposed to be “the” meal of 2020, according to the Wall Street Journal. To that end, we’ve got this epic dish from the veggie-forward West Village newcomer 232 Bleecker, led by chef Suzanne Cupps. It’s got not one, not two, but three cheeses from Jasper Hill Farm—and Tuscan kale to keep true to the company’s roots.

Best NYC food square1
Francesco Sapienza

11. Daily Provisions Sunday Supper

OK, in addition to lasagna, we’re pretty convinced that “Sunday supper” is going to be one of the biggest food trends of 2020. To that end, Danny Meyer’s neighborhood-y café at Union Square and on the Upper West Side, Daily Provisions, is featuring a cozy family-style meal every Sunday from 5 to 9 p.m. Parties of four to six people can dine in for a deal on Daily Provisions’ rotisserie chicken and seasonal sides like broccoli, crispy Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, stuffed artichoke and potato chips with French onion dip.

Rachel Vanni

12. January Challah Collaborations at Zaro's Family Bakery

The fourth-generation, family-owned New York City bakery founded in the Bronx in 1927 is coming out with exciting carb collaborations this month. Starting January 14, grab specialty challahs like Za’atar & Pistachio Challah with Sahadi’s (January 14 to 19), Scallion & Fried Shallot Challah with Win Son (January 21 to 26) and Turmeric & Miso Challah with La Boîte (January 28 to February 2). The challahs will be available at almost every Zaro’s Family Bakery location (excluding Parkchester and the lower-level dining concourse at Grand Central).

13. Floral Brunch at Il Fiorista

The NoMad restaurant-slash-floral boutique has just launched brunch—and it is as gorgeous and whimsical as ever. Executive chef Garrison Price curates an inspiring seasonal brunch menu that highlights flowers and herbs in their many edible forms. Highlights include honeynut squash hash (roasted spigarello, cashew cheese, sprouted legumes); sourdough French toast with heather flower granola; wild shrimp and polenta; and a crispy chicken sandwich (on a sunflower bun with chamomile aioli, of course). Available Saturdays and Sundays.

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