Buying Wine Is Officially as Easy as Sending a Text Message—Here’s How

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Is it just us, or is buying wine kind of intimidating? The usual scenario: We find the fridge completely dry, haul ourselves to the wine store, search through the aisles in a panic for a chillable red and wish we paid more attention in French class, before a salesperson finally takes pity and convinces us to get this new Chardonnay that we didn't really want and is also out of our budget. 

But there's a solution for that—from the experts behind WineLibrary—called Imagine shopping on the internet from the comfort of your couch, but even easier. Can you send a text? You're halfway there.

Here's how it works: You plug in your name, phone number and credit card info on (it takes all of 90 seconds)…and that's pretty much it. Once you're enrolled, you'll start receiving a daily text message (around 12 p.m. EST, which is when we start thirsting for a glass) featuring the day's wine deal. If you want to buy something, you respond with the number of bottles. Ta-da—that's it, that's your order. Seriously. Shipping is $6 for up to 11 bottles (and free for 12 or more) and each day's offer lasts until the next day's text goes out (or until the wine sells out).

Wondering what kind of deals? We just ordered a $50 Malbec that normally retails for $240, but if you’re like I’m not a Malbec person, or you’re looking to spend less, no worries. There’s basically something for everyone—$7 rosés, $12 Chardonnays, $15 Spanish reds, stop us any time.

We like to think of it as that one hip friend you have who's really into wine, and really into telling you about it. Or, it's like having a built-in sommelier who knows exactly which new bottles and varietals you should try (with the added benefit of knowing all the good deals). Chillable red? Don’t mind if we do.

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