These Influencers Have a Secret to Avoiding the Mid-Morning Slump

Steady energy, here we come

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Confession time: Lately, we’ve been seriously rethinking our two-cups-a-day coffee habit. But let’s be real, we still need a bit of an energy boost to get us through those jam-packed days. Sound familiar? Well, in-the-know influencers have found the perfect replacement for that second cup: It’s called V8 +ENERGY® and it’s a convenient, portable energy drink you can actually feel good about.

Some deets on our new favorite drink: V8 +ENERGY® contains 80 mg of caffeine—comparable to a cup of coffee—and is made with natural caffeine from black and green tea. On-the-go content creators love the refreshing, fruit-forward flavor and steady energy boost, and they also love the fact that each 8-ounce drink contains one combined serving of vegetables and fruits, with no added sugar—key when you’re rushing around all day. Check out how these influencers rate V8 +ENERGY, from taste-tests to how it helps them avoid the dreaded mid-morning slump, in the videos below.   

The Taste-Testers


“Not only is V8 +ENERGY delicious in flavor, it has a full combined serving of your daily fruits and vegetables. Plus, it offers a little energy boost? This is the perfect concoction. V8 knew what they were doin’.” 


Cailee and her partner tried multiple flavors, praising that it’s “no added sugar, no artificial flavors, non-GMO, gluten-free.” And of Peach Mango, she says, “It smells so good. This is giving the most perfect peach mango iced tea flavor.” The verdict? “We came, we saw, we conquered and we’re obsessed.”

The Daily Diaries


“I’ve never been an everyday coffee drinker, so I’m always looking for alternatives. I was so pleasantly surprised by this drink. A lot of energy drinks have deterred me because they can be so strong and overpowering, but the energy in this comes from green and black tea. It’s so good and refreshing and there’s a combined serving of fruits and veggies.”


“Midday I usually get a crash and I need a little bit of extra boost. That’s where V8 +ENERGY comes in as a huge part of helping me push through the rest of my workday. One of my favorite flavors has been the Pomegranate Blueberry. This will be my go-to drink to give me an extra boost to finish my day.”  

As you can see, V8 +ENERGY tastes good and provides steady energy any time of day. Choose your favorite flavor(s) and pick some up wherever you food shop, right in the juice aisle.

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