This Brita for Wine Solves Your Red Wine Hangover Problem

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Ah, Montepulciano. It goes down so smoothly at the end of a long day—unless of course your glass of red gives you a blinding headache, a common symptom of an allergy to sulfite (aka a preservative that’s added to wine to keep it fresh).

Enter the Üllo—pronounced oo-low—a wine purifier that acts like a Brita water filter to remove sulfites and restore your bottle of red to its original state.

Because here’s the thing: Without sulfites, it would be impossible for that delicious bottle of red to survive the transfer from, say, Abruzzo, Italy, all the way to your glass in the United States. But the headaches aren’t worth it, which is where the Üllo comes in. Simply uncork the bottle, pour it through the filter at the top and watch as it magically strains the sulfites out of your wine.

There’s even a way to give yourself a sulfite-free, individual-sized pour: Just remove the filter from the Üllo decanter and place it on top of your actual glass. Voilà!

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