The 10 Best Burger Joints in America

Finally, there’s no need to argue about the best burger. That’s because TripAdvisor compiled millions of reviews to find the top joints in the U.S. Here, all of the juicy details.

The 50 Best Burgers in America, By Every State

als burger shack cheeseburger rosemary fries1
Al’s Burger Shack

Al’s Burger Shack (chapel Hill, Nc)

Come for the big, juicy burgers and crinkle-cut rosemary fries, stay for the friendly service just a stone’s throw from University of North Carolina’s campus. Don’t miss the “Bobo Chili Cheeseburger” topped with chili sauce, slaw, chopped onion, yellow mustard and American cheese. Naturally, it’s local and sustainable.

brooks gourmet burgers donut burger1
Brooks Gourmet Burgers & Dogs

Brooks Gourmet Burgers & Dogs (naples, Fl)

Meet the “Donut Burger.” It’s exactly what it sounds like: A tender patty topped with American cheese and bacon sandwiched between two freshly baked glazed doughnuts. If sweet and salty isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other sinful options—not to mention “yummy” milkshakes (the words of many reviewers) and beef dogs galore.

honest abes burgers and freedom burger
Honest Abe’s

Honest Abe’s Burgers And Freedom (lincoln, Ne)

Calling all burger snobs. Does a six-ounce patty slathered in sour blackberry compote, sweet peach and pecan jam, Gouda cheese and romaine cabbage pique your interest? How about mozzarella cheese, basil, tomato, balsamic mayonnaise, roasted garlic vinaigrette and Italian seasonings? Exotic combos are the name of the game here.

grumps burgers queso burger
Grumps Burgers/TripAdvisor

Grumps Burgers (granbury, Tx)

These burgers aren’t as good as people say they are: They’re better. Juicy but not greasy, the patties ride on pillowy toasted buns that don’t get soggy—even under a boatload of toppings like gooey queso. Plus, everything is affordable and you’ll get friendly, speedy service.

slabtown cafe and burgers1
Todd Zawistows/My North

Slabtown Café And Burgers (traverse City, Mi)

Yes, some reviewers have cautioned against biting into Slabtown’s stuffed burgers too quickly—lest hot cream cheese squirt into your face. Quite frankly, it’s a risk we’re willing to take. Although the gourmet menu offers toppings and fillings galore, they don’t overwhelm the enormous, high-quality patties.

burger republic buy the farm burger1
Burger Republic

Burger Republic (nashville, Tn)

One hundred percent Angus Beef burgers, American-made craft beers and hand-spun milkshakes: What else could you possibly ask for (other than a big stack of napkins)? Look for “The Tennessee” burger topped with Jack Daniel’s honey glaze, American cheese, smoked ketchup, maple basted Benton’s Bacon and Memphis dusted crispy onion rings.

pearls deluxe burgers1
Michael R/TripAdvisor

Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers (san Francisco, Ca)

Hands down, the best no-frills burger. Take a few bites of the “Pearl Deluxe” and the juice will run down into your fries or onion rings—or down your arm if you’re not careful. The cooked-to-order patties are finished simply with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo and a sesame bun.

back door grill cheeseburger1
Back Door Grill/Instagram

Back Door Grill (steamboat Springs, Co)

Sure, you’re never going to find a “healthy” burger…but these sammies come pretty darn close. Whether you’re in the market for an old-school cheeseburger or a “new-school” burger, they’re all made with natural Colorado beef that’s never been frozen and farm-fresh non-GMO ingredients.

macphail classic burger

Macphail’s Burgers (jackson, Wy)

Founded in honor of owner Bruce Bollinger’s grandmother, this family-run restaurant has been churning out perfectly cooked, juicy, half-pound burgers since 1945. You have the option to upgrade “The Classic Cheese” to ranch-raised buffalo, but really, they don’t call it cattle country for nothing. Oh, and crispy fries lovers: You can’t go wrong.

the burger dive burger
The Burger Dive

The Burger Dive (billings, Mt)

Don’t be fooled by the low-key atmosphere, which pays homage to classic drive-ins. The menu here is modern and innovative, featuring options like “I’m Your Huckleberry,” a ⅓-pound Angus burger covered with Huckleberry Hatch chili barbecue sauce, bacon, goat cheese, roasted red pepper mayo and arugula. Sound like a mouthful? That’s because it is (in the best way possible).

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