5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care This Month

Let’s be honest: After this year, you deserve 1,000 spa days. But your wallet—and your Google calendar—aren’t ready to commit. Instead, make self-care an everyday occurrence with Simple Truth. The brand takes the guesswork out of scanning the aisle shelves (or scrolling for hours online) by offering countless products that are natural, organic and affordable, and it's all available at your neighborhood Kroger and its family of stores. Here, five ideas for how to treat yourself all month long.

1. Clean Beauty Haul

The Simple Truth Beauty Crate collection is inspired by the fresh finds at your local farmer’s market and boasts clean credentials, i.e. its products contain no harsh chemicals, no synthetic ingredients, dyes or colors and are vegan and non-GMO. Upgrade your at-home spa day with refreshing grapefruit and orange exfoliating sugar cubes, restorative sea salt and kelp bath salts and invigorating mango and moringa body butter, all for under $10.

keto ice cream kroger

2. Dessert That Won’t Make You Feel Guilty

Have a sweet tooth? Indulge it with a dessert you can enjoy while cozying up on the couch in your PJs. These guilt-free pints are dairy-free, plant-based or keto-friendly, and with flavors like Coconut Milk Mint Chip and Keto Black Raspberry Chip, we’re sure you'll be fielding calls from your S.O. to ask which aisle they can snag their own.

mothers day wine

3. Bottle Of Vegan-friendly Wine

If your favorite words are “happy hour,” you’re in luck. Pick out one of these pretty bottles, which are made with organic grapes, vegan-friendly (minus the rosé) and just $14 a pop. Choose from cab sauv, chardonnay, rosé, sauvignon blanc or prosecco.

mothers day dark chocolates
YelenaYemchuk/Getty Images

4. Two Words: Dark Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with a bar of indulgent dark chocolate, though. The ones below are all made with fair-trade cocoa, so you can feel good about these treats, too. Snag one of these rich and velvety bars as the reward for an especially long week.

mocktails kroger

5. Diy Mocktails

You don’t need to be a mixologist to whip up your very own celebratory mocktail. Grab seltzer, cold-pressed juice, kombucha and fresh herbs like mint for garnish and voilà: an anytime refreshment made for rejoicing even the tiniest accomplishments (like not wearing the same pair of leggings for the third day in a row).


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