We’re Calling It: Talenti’s Mini Gelato & Sorbetto Bars Will Be Your New Favorite Dessert—& They’re 80 Calories or Less

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Who says you can’t have it all? At least, you can when it comes to dessert. That’s because—drumroll, please—the folks behind our favorite gelato just dropped a new treat that’s sure to make your summer even sweeter.

Talenti’s Mini Gelato and Sorbetto Bars contain the same flavors you already know and love from their iconic jars, now in the form of delicious, portable bars. That means you can enjoy smooth, creamy gelato and refreshing fruit sorbetto pretty much anywhere, anytime. Oh, and each bar clocks in at 80 calories or less. BRB while we stock up.

These rich, perfectly proportioned bars are crafted with Talenti’s signature attention to detail: Recipes are made from scratch with real, high-quality ingredients—no artificial flavors, colors or additives. Plus, they’re all free of high-fructose corn syrup, Kosher certified and made with non-GMO sourced ingredients, so you can feel good about treating yourself.

Find out about each mouth-watering option, available wherever you already shop Talenti, below. Just try not to drool on your keyboard. 

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Best Creamy Texture

Talenti Vanilla Caramel Mini Gelato Bar


Made with their signature dulce de leche—a traditional Argentinian family recipe that’s been passed down for generations—this bar’s smooth and creamy caramel flavor will make you feel like you’re in a gelateria in Argentina. For 80 calories, we might add.

talenti bars HYP dark chocolate

Most Decadent

Talenti Dark Chocolate Mini Gelato Bar


Calling all chocolate lovers. For this craveable recipe, Talenti blends sustainably sourced cocoa with milk and sugar to create a rich dark chocolate gelato. They add a hint of coffee to enhance the natural chocolate flavor and then swirl in a dark chocolate cookie sauce. And yes, it’s also only 80 calories per bar—hard to believe, we know.

talenti bars HYP raspberry sorbetto

Most Refreshing

Talenti Roman Raspberry Mini Sorbetto Bar


Taking inspiration from their best-selling dairy-free sorbetto, this raspberry bar has the perfect balance of sweetness and tang. Each bar contains ten real raspberries sourced from both California and Chile with a dash of lemon juice for a citrus twist. It’s the epitome of refreshing (no matter how high the temps climb) with only 50 calories per bar.

talenti bars HYP mango sorbetto

Best Fruit Flavor

Talenti Alphonso Mango Mini Sorbetto Bar


Also paying homage to one of their fan favorite dairy-free sorbettos, the hero ingredient is the Alphonso Mango from Maharashtra, India, home to some of the richest, creamiest mangoes in the world. They’re combined with nothing more than water, sugar and lemon juice for a delightful fruity treat that clocks in at just 45 calories per bar.

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