#DessertTok Has Spoken: These Low-Cal Mini Bars Are the Sweetest New Treat for Summer

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Summer is synonymous with a few things: beach days, barbecues, bathing suits…you get the gist. But if we had to choose our very favorite thing about the season, it would be enjoying a sweet, creamy treat at the end (or beginning—you do you) of a long, hot day. That’s why we perked right up when tons of #DessertTok creators started raving about a portable new treat from our favorite gelato brand.

Talenti’s Mini Gelato and Sorbetto Bars contain familiar flavors from their fan-favorite jars, now in the form of take-anywhere mini bars. But the cherry on top is that these made-from-scratch bars are all 80 calories or less. (Insert *praise hands emoji* here.)

In the mood for something decadent? Take your pick from two creamy gelato options: Vanilla Caramel, made with their signature dulce de leche, or Dark Chocolate, complete with a chocolate cookie sauce —both only 80 calories. Looking for something tangy, fruity and dairy-free? The Roman Raspberry Sorbetto contains ten real raspberries and is only 50 cals, while the Alphonso Mango Sorbetto packs in real mangoes from India and is just 45 calories. All four use high-quality ingredients—no artificial flavors, colors or additives—and all are free of high-fructose corn syrup, Kosher-certified and made with non-GMO sourced ingredients.

Check out these discerning TikTokers’ mini bar taste tests below and then pick some up yourself, wherever you already shop Talenti. Let’s just say, we have a feeling you’ll want to keep your freezer well-stocked.

The Taste Testers:

Jennah Martinez @jennaheats

Malia Elaine @maliaelaine

Brad & Tim @craftgrooms

Leah Kimpel @foodwanderer

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