Spindrift’s New Spiked Sparkling Water Line Is Hitting Shelves Soon (and We’ll Be Sipping It All Summer)

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Not all seltzers are created equal, and the same goes for booze-infused ones. While most of them are low in calories and sugar, we’ve always been a little suspicious of how they stay clear in color despite their fruit flavoring. Luckily, a new all-natural alternative that’s both delicious and colorful just hit shelves, and it comes from a brand you already know and love. Behold, Spindrift Spiked hard sparkling water.

Spindrift is already famous for its sparkling water that’s made with real fruit juice. (That’s why you were like, “holy moly, that tastes like real lemon!” the first time you tried one.) And it’s no surprise why, since real fruit is a lot more appetizing than nebulous “natural flavors.” Spindrift Spiked follows suit, as the lightly carbonated hard bev is made with nothing but sparkling water, cane sugar alcohol and real squeezed fruit—no synthetic natural flavors, sweeteners or additives here, folks. 

So, unlike its competitors, Spindrift Spiked drinks actually have color *and* a low calorie count (82 to 95 calories per can, to be exact). Each sparkling water has a low 4 percent ABV, meaning they’re ideal for sipping all day long at the pool, beach, picnic or barbecue. They’re made using a ten-day fermentation process that maximizes the ABV without unnecessary additives, plus they're ultra-filtered for purification.

Flavors include Mango, Lime, Pineapple and Half & Half (aka brewed black tea with real lemon), and they’ll be available in 12-ounce cans around mid-April in select markets. Even better, Spindrift Spiked will be donating 1 percent of sales to Spindrift’s commitment to 1% for the Planet, an international org whose members contribute to environmental causes. Register here to get Spindrift Spiked to come to a location near you.

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