Smartwater+, a New Line of Infused Wellness Waters, Is Hitting Shelves This Month

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You’ve refueled with electrolyte-rich Smartwater too many times to count. And in the very near future, there will be a whole new line of flavored hydrators to add to your cart. Introducing Smartwater+, a collection of wellness waters infused with unique ingredients and flavors for every occasion.

Rolled out at the beginning of March, Smartwater+ aims to provide a hydration solution for every wellness need. For focus and mental centering, look for Smartwater+ clarity, infused with ginseng and green tea extracts. Smartwater+ tranquility, infused with ashwagandha and tangerine extracts, is prime for calm and relaxation. The final flavor is Smartwater+ renew, a beverage infused with dandelion and lemon extracts in order to spark revitalization. The waters’ flavors and purposes are based on what consumers identified as their most important wellness routines and goals.

Each 700-mL bottle of Smartwater+ contains only 10 calories, so it will give you the specific boost (or calm) you need minus all the sugar of sports drinks. The collection’s release follows the launches of Smartwater alkaline (ionized, vapor-distilled water), Smartwater antioxidant (infused with selenium and electrolytes) and four still flavors of Smartwater, inspired by fruit-infused waters commonly offered at spas. The brand also has plans to transition to 100-percent recycled PET plastic for its 20-ounce bottles this summer.

We’ve yet to sample the new waters for their flavor or claimed benefits, but we’ll definitely be giving them a try. To make sure you get your hands on Smartwater+ once it comes to a store near you, register to receive an email notification here.

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