TikTok Is Celebrating Simple Truth’s 10-Year Anniversary with These Better-for-You Finds

We love a good birthday celebration—especially when it’s for a brand that’s become such a huge part of our lives (and grocery lists) over the past ten years. We’re talking, of course, about Simple Truth: the leading natural and organic private label found exclusively at Kroger’s family of stores. Not only is Simple Truth number one in the space, but thanks to their accessible, affordable and better-for-you options, they’re also a staple in our homes.

And we’re not the only ones. Tons of creators on TikTok were excited to celebrate Simple Truth’s tenth anniversary and nod to some of the past decade’s healthier food trends with their favorite products.

Mom Andrea Mathis whipped up a family-friendly plant-based snack thanks to Simple Truth Meatless Crumbles, student Cat Volcy picked up Simple Truth Organic Cashew & Sunflower Butter Granola Bars and other gluten-free snacks galore, and foodie Katie Larimore showed off three different and delicious-looking ways to use Simple Truth Organic Coconut Oil.

Trends aside, you can feel good knowing that all Simple Truth products are free from over 101 unwanted ingredients (no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives) and many of their options are non-GMO, USDA organic and fair trade.

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