4 Amazon Fresh Perks You Never Knew Existed

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You got Amazon Fresh ($14.99 a month) for the free same-day delivery, and at this point it’s definitely paid for itself. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of these four other, lesser-known membership perks.

1. You can change your order after you’ve placed it. Ugh, you forgot to add the avocados (again). As long as the order hasn’t been prepared yet, you can add, subtract or even cancel it entirely without a penalty. Bring on the guac.

2. There are hidden deals. Let’s just say you’re very well acquainted with the Fresh Deals page (bring on all of the coupons and sales). But if you follow @AmazonFresh on Twitter and subscribe to the AmazonFresh newsletter, you’ll be privy to even more deals, deals, deals. Cold brew on sale for one day only? Yes, please.

3. You can still shop locally. We get it: Having groceries delivered by one of the country’s biggest corporations can feel a little bit…impersonal. What about supporting your local greenmarket? Like us, you might have missed a tiny little tab at the top of your page called Local Market. This part of the site lets you buy dairy, meat, beverages, desserts and more from nearby farms and shops (and they’re no more expensive than other groceries).

4. If an item is missing or damaged, you’ll get a refund. Spilled milk isn’t worth crying over…unless it’ll get you a refund. If any of your groceries are missing or damaged, visit the Contact Us page and explain what happened. In most cases, you’ll get a refund—and maybe an additional credit towards future order, too.

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