No Wings? No Problem. TikTokers Reveal the Second-Best ‘Buffalo Thing’ in These Hilarious Videos

cheetos crunchy buffalo tiktok universal
TikTok/McKenzie Cordell for PureWow

We all know that when it comes to the post-season party spread, wings reign supreme. But this year, Cheetos Crunchy Buffalo is campaigning for that second-place medal and it’s getting folks talking—specifically, on TikTok.

The innovative snack is new to the Cheetos lineup and, not unlike buffalo wings, it offers the perfect balance of heat and tang. Think of them like wings, but with a satisfying crunch.

In order to get to the message across, we tapped personalities @veronika_iscool and @bran_flakezz to share their take on what would happen if there were no wings at the Big Game party. Not only did they deliver, but now we’re craving some Crunchy Buffalo ‘Cheetle’ even more. Check out the videos and don’t forget to pick up bag for your next game day celebration.

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