Sure, we’ve all rolled our eyes at food bloggers who take pics of every meal. But let’s be honest, we’re just jealous our snaps don’t look as good as theirs. Since none of us are immune to the spell of a so-beautiful-it-hurts food photo, we rounded up 12 Instagram accounts that have it down to a science. Here’s who to start following right this second.

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cyneats san francisco foodie instagrams


Cynthia Linh eats out almost every night, so it’s no wonder this girl knows how to take tantalizing food photos. Her feed has even landed her gigs managing social media accounts for restaurants around town.


allieeats san francisco foodie instagrams


We’ll follow anyone who can make a messy breakfast sandwich look this good.


snixykitchen san francisco foodie instagrams


As a food stylist for The New York Times, Sarah Menanix is no stranger to making already delicious food look even more mouthwatering.


asideofsweet san francisco foodie instagrams


Kelly Huibregtse, will you come decorate our house?


eatingthroughsf san francisco foodie instagrams


By day, she’s a social media manager for a big corporation. But outside the office, food and lifestyle blogger Lily Kaplan makes us swoon over what she’s chowing down on.


abrowntable san francisco foodie instagrams


Nik Sharma pens a weekly column for the SF Chronicle about modern cooking with a NorCal-meets-Eastern influence, so of course we’re following his Insta account


pastrywithjenn san francisco foodie instagrams


At-home baker Jenn Yee can invite us over for dessert any day. Her blood orange and grapefruit panna cotta tart looks so delicious that we wouldn't mind holding on to winter just a little longer.


kimberlyhasselbrink san francisco foodie instagrams


Photographer Kimberley Hasselbrink calls herself the vegetable evangelist. We’ve never been so eager to practice what she preaches. You can follow her recipe journal, The Year in Food.


maksnack san francisco foodie instagrams


Wherever Makenzi Brown is, we want to go to there.


honestlyyum san francisco foodie instagrams


The trio behind this Insta sensation has us craving some good ole pizza. Mmm.


breadbunnie san francisco foodie instagrams


Instagram star Christina Song has a simple formula for the images on her feed: vibrant colors, simple backgrounds and ooey, gooey decadent food. She makes the trifecta work for every shot.


spottedsf san francisco foodie instagrams


Leslie Santarina may be known for documenting her travels around the globe, but we’re glad she sticks close to home for Insta moments like these pasta dishes at Maybeck’s.


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