8 San Francisco Food Delivery Services (That Aren’t Seamless), Explained

What’s that? You don’t have the will to pull on your galoshes and get out the umbrella one more time today? We get it. But you’ve still gotta eat. Here are eight of our favorite food delivery services for nights when you just can’t brave the rain.

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caviar san francisco food delivery


Feeling fancier than your usual sandwich spot? This service gives you access to tons of your favorite SF restaurants that don’t otherwise deliver. (The trade-off: There’s a minimum and a delivery fee, so it’s worth ordering with a group, like your next book club meeting.) 

Favorite orders: Pizzeria Delfina, Spruce, Tawla

lukes local san francisco food delivery

Luke’s Local

You thought Luke’s Local was just for farm-fresh groceries, right? Well, now they stock meal kits and fully prepared dinners, too. Same quality, zero prep.

Favorite orders: Seared local rockfish with white-bean ragout; Malaysian chicken with curry coconut rice

mealmade san francisco food delivery


This service delivers healthy meals you’ll actually want to eat. They may be gluten- or dairy-free, but you’ll never feel like you’ve compromised flavor. Bonus: Each meal is made to order.

Favorite orders: Orange chicken with cauliflower rice; steak tacos with almond-flour tortillas

doordash san francisco food delivery


With the word “dash” right in the name, we expect speediness. And this service really delivers (sorry) on that promise. There’s also an option to schedule an order up to four days in advance (say, when you know you’ll be watching This Is Us). Bonus: They deliver booze, too.

Favorite orders: Limón Rotisserie, Tacolicious, The Halal Guys

sprig san francisco food delivery


Hey, nothing against Blue Apron, Sun Basket and other meal kits, but some nights the idea of cooking dinner from scratch feels like trying to finish a marathon. Order bites like a Firebrand pimenton pretzel roll or Jane’s banana bread along with your entrée.

Favorite orders: Thai-style som tam salad; vegetable pozole with poblano


Yeah, this one’s been around forever, but it’s just the best no matter what you need brought in. Say you were up all night with colicky baby and have an early-morning call. They’ll bring you a Starbucks Venti and a box of diapers from Walgreens.

Favorite orders: Starbucks coffee; Loving Cup rice pudding; Bun Mee bánh mì sandwiches

munchery san francisco food delivery


Everything is premade and arrives chilled, so there is some reheating time involved, but we love the constantly changing menu and how fresh the food tastes. 

Favorite orders: Mushroom mac and cheese; tamari-grilled ahi tuna salad

uber eats san francisco food delivery

Uber Eats

Not surprisingly, this service gets bonus points for an easy-to-use app. That, and you can see exactly where your driver is en route. 

Favorite orders: Shanghai Dumpling King, Chubby Noodle, Barzotto

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