7 Oh-So-Romantic Rosé Cocktails for a Perfect Summer Night

And the places to order them

Summer is about one thing: rosé. That means you’ve probably tried every pink varietal under the sun. And while we commend your efforts, it’s time to shake things up. Here, seven rosé cocktails and which Chicago spots to drink them at.

Anjali Pinto

The "she Sells Seashells" At Oyster Bah

Say it five times fast. Actually, don’t--just order it with your oysters. The drink mixes sparkling rosé with gin, yellow Chartreuse, apricot liqueur, basil and lemon.

1962 N. Halsted; 773-248-3000 or

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The "miss Prints" At The Betty

Sip this bright, floral cocktail before dinner. (Or, before Drumstix. You choose.) It combines sparkling rosé with lemon and rose and violet liqueurs. Think of it as the stiffest bouquet in town.

839 W. Fulton Market; 312-733-2222 or


The "cocchi Rosa" Aperitif At Gt Fish & Oyster

Sip this on the patio and River North will start to feel a little bit tropical. With light, fruity flavors, the drink contains sparkling rosé and hibiscus and grapefruit juices. It’s garnished with a grapefruit peel.

531 N. Wells St.; 312-929-3501 or

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"rosé You Can See" At The Florentine

This is kind of like a high-end wine slushy. It’s made with gin, rosé, mint simple syrup and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. But the real secret sauce is the homemade blueberry sorbet. File this under: Happy hour goals.

151 W. Adams St.; 312-660-8866 or


The "french 75" At Sepia

At the fine-dining restaurant, new drinks hit the menu each season--but some things never change. During happy hour (4 to 7 p.m. on weekdays), Sepia offers its “Greatest Hits” drinks. That includes the French 75, which blends sparkling rosé with pink gin and fresh-lemon sour. The “Bites” list isn’t bad, either--you’ll want to try that grilled escarole crostino.

123 N. Jefferson St.; 312-441-1920 or


The "kiss From A Rose" At Beef & Barley

When you top vodka, elderflower liqueur and citrus juices with a splash of rosé, what do you get? A summery cocktail that needs to be sipped right now. Seal would want you to.

3001 N. Ashland Ave.; 773-248-0990 or

Lux Bar

The Rose Cart At Lux Bar

There’s nothing not to like about an entire cart of rosé. At the Gold Coast restaurant, one such cart is stocked with a rotating selection that includes wines from Italy, France, Spain and California. Here’s where you can get creative: order up a glass, along with a mixer like Champagne or lemonade. (Psst: We got recipes.)

18 E. Bellevue Pl.; 312-642-3400 or

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