Rekorderlig Hard Cider Is Your New Swedish Beverage Obsession

If you took the best part about beer (refreshing, ready to drink from the can) and the allure of a homemade cocktail (fresh, your favorite flavors, kinda fun), I’m convinced the result would be a Rekorderlig hard cider. Only, these Swedish hard ciders are low-sugar, low-calorie and one of the tastiest brewed canned bevs I’ve tried in a minute.

Rekorderlig isn’t new, but it is relatively new to the U.S. It’s a Swedish brand of hard cider made with European apples and is a blend of fruit and spring water, resulting in a premium drink that contains 70 percent less sugar than most other cider brands. It weighs in at just 110 calories, too, and is naturally gluten-free and vegan with 4.5 percent ABV. Basically, it’s bottled Lagom—the Swedish trend of finding balance (not too much, not too little).

Full disclosure, you’ve got to like your drinks sweet. I do. And I’m also fully on board with the canned alcohol trend, so for me, cracking open each of Rekorderlig’s five hard cider flavors was just the right vibe I’m after these days. Especially considering I’m a little sick of beer, don’t love vodka seltzers and am too lazy to make cocktails myself right now (but—it’s worth mentioning that the brand offers liquor pairing suggestions for each flavor, because they do make for a robust mixer. FYI, I only tasted them fresh from the aluminum).

As far as flavors go, there are five fruit-focused blends. I tried them all and wrote down my personal thoughts on each, below.

rekorderlig cider pear

1. Pear

The very first one I sampled was pear. My very first thought, was, “THAT TASTES JUST LIKE PEAR.” More so a sweet pear flavoring than biting into one you plucked fresh from a branch, but in the best, most recognizable way. The second thing I noticed was the carbonation level: It was absolutely lovely. Ten out of ten fizz. Noticeable, added a certain element of delight, but did not burn my throat in the slightest when I took my signature huge gulp.

rekorderlig cider strawberry basil

2. Strawberry Lime

My favorite. No question. When I popped the tab and lifted the can to my lips, I was immediately inundated with the scent of ripe strawberries. Then, I tasted it and my senses were confirmed. The flavor was light and sweet but not sickeningly so, and I thought it tasted like a really fresh, fizzy natural juice. Lagom!

rekorderlig cider wild berry

3. Wild Berries

Now, here is when I encountered a strange sense of nostalgia. I can’t put my finger on what exactly, but it reminded me of something I had in my more youthful days. That unusual juice I drank as a child when I visited my grandparents in Puerto Rico every summer? One of the liquors I choked down in college (enough said there)? I’m not sure, but I found this to be the most acutely bold flavor of the bunch. Not a bad flavor at all (I made my husband try it and he didn’t agree with my déjà vu), but definitely number five out of the five flavors I tried.

rekorderlig cider mango

4. Mango Raspberry

My second favorite. Probably the most refreshing, but not quite as delicious to me as the strawberry lime. It had a more tropical essence to it and I really appreciated the unique fruit combo. This flavor actually did make me want to mix it in a two-ingredient cocktail just to see what it can do with a jigger of rum.

rekorderlig cider passionfruit

5. Passion Fruit

This one offered a more tropical flavor and was quite similar to the mango raspberry. (If you like one of these two flavors, you’ll probably enjoy them both.) Only, this variety was a bit heavier for my taste, but a quality choice nonetheless for those who love a drink that tastes like a beachy treat without the calories.

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