REESE’S Caramel Big Cups Just Debuted—& We’re Drooling on Our Keyboard

Calling All Candy Lovers

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Victoria Parrotta for PureWow

Just when we thought the combination of creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate in REESE’S couldn't get any better, the candy connoisseurs launch a brand-new product that we’re already drooling over: the REESE’S Caramel Big Cup.

The makers behind the beloved peanut butter cups took their iconic classic and added a new, creamy and delicious layer of caramel. And trust us, the larger size of the cup also allows for the perfect balance of all three flavors: chocolate, caramel and peanut-buttery goodness.

And is there any time of year we think about candy more than between Halloween and the holidays? Whether you’re a die-hard REESE’S fan or just love chocolate, peanut butter or caramel, there’s no better treat to stock up on for those mid-afternoon snacks, holiday stocking stuffers, movie theater treats or party crowd-pleasers.

REESE’S Caramel Big Cups join the all-star lineup of REESE’S candies—like the REESE’S Stuffed with REESE’S Puffs, REESE’S Peanut Butter Trees and more. But with the new ooey-gooey goodness of caramel, we’re betting the REESE’S Caramel Big Cups will be your favorite launch yet.

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