Ree Drummonds Surprising Tip for Making Fluffy Pancakes
sangfoto/Getty Images

The eternal question: Why do pancakes made from scratch never taste as good as the stuff from the box? They’re either too soggy, too chewy, too tough or just blah.

And as it turns out, Ree Drummund (aka the Pioneer Woman) has the exact same problem. So she decided to taste-test a billion pancakes until she came up with a foolproof recipe to post on her blog.

The ingredients include the typical sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs, milk, vanilla, butter and—surprise—bleached cake flour. It adds the addictive je ne sais quoi of pancakes made from the box (or better yet, the ones they serve in a pancake house).

Another imperative trick? For the fluffiest results, gently mix together the ingredients until they’re just combined. Your batter can—and should—have lumps! 

Finally, make sure you serve your pancakes with an obscene amount of butter and warm syrup (bonus points for homemade whipped cream). 

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