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This Restaurant Trick Will Help You Serve the Perfect Salad Every Time

So you’re planning a dinner party and want to start with a salad course (ooh, so fancy). But every time you try to pull this off at home, your greens look pathetic and wilted (versus fluffy and crisp, the way they do at restaurants) the second they hit the plate. Not anymore, thanks to this handy trick.

What you do: Before you’re ready to serve your greens, stash your salad plates in the fridge for 15 minutes, or until they’re chilled. (You want them to feel cool to the touch, not icy.) When you’re ready to eat, take out the plates and serve your salad course.

Why this works: Room temperature salad plates give off just enough heat to cause your greens to get soggy. A chilled plate means that, even if there’s a 15-minute dinner delay or you pile on grilled chicken, your greens will still stay crisp and fresh.

Yay, salad science! Your greens have never tasted so good.

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