The 6 Best Cooking Tricks We Learned from Ree Drummond

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We can always count on Ree Drummond for the cheesy, satisfying recipes we crave and the down-to-earth cooking hacks to pull them off. Here, our six favorite gems that have stuck with us through many seasons of The Pioneer Woman.

For The Fluffiest Pancakes In The Universe

Use bleached cake flour instead of all-purpose flour, and mix all of your ingredients together until they’re just combined. (Oh, and lumps are OK!)

Put Your Waffle Iron To Work

You already know you can make hash browns and frittatas…but you should also be using your trusty waffle iron to make pizza. How? Throw some bread dough on, cook it for a few minutes, then add your favorite toppings and iron them until the cheese melts.

Bye, Meat Mallets

Use what you already have in the kitchen, people. Think: Your cast-iron skillet to tenderize steak or a rolling pin to beat chicken cutlets.

Her Mac And Cheese Has A Secret

And nope, it’s not nutmeg (been there, done that). Her wildly popular recipe calls for two heaping teaspoons of dry mustard, which enhances cheese’s sharp flavor.

Let Your Meat Rest Twice

Whether you’re searing chicken or steak, cold meat doesn’t cook evenly. So let it come to room temperature for 30 minutes before you throw it on the stove—in addition to letting it rest for 10 minutes after you cook it.

You Can (and Should) Under-bake Chocolate Chip Cookies

More on resting. You know how meat continues cooking when you remove it from the oven? Surprise, cookies, do, too. Remove them from the oven when they’re still a bit gooey for the best texture.

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