Best News Ever: The Nutella Cafe Is Finally Here

Avocado toast? So 2016. The unicorn trend? Come on, what are we—12 years old? But one foodie obsession that will never go out of style is the mouthwatering deliciousness that is Nutella. And now there’s a perfect place to indulge in everyone’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread: the Nutella Cafe in Union Square.

The spot just opened today on University Place (so expect crazy lines for the next couple of weeks), and the menu is straight-up gloriousHere are just some of the delights that await you when you step through the Nutella jar–shaped front door: frozen ice cream pops, grilled banana bread, hazelnut blondies and for a healthier option (sure, let’s go with that)—chia hemp seed parfaits. All of which comes liberally drizzled with Nutella, obviously.

But our favorite feature is the create-your-own station where you choose a Nutella-topped base (crepe, waffle, French toast, pancake or oats), fruity filling and toppings (whipped cream, chopped hazelnuts or gelato).

Sounds pretty dreamy to us. We do have one question though—do they deliver?

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