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It seems like every time you blink, a hundred more restaurants have popped up in New York. But with limited time, money and stomach space, where should you go? We’ve rounded up our favorite new spots, including a Polish pierogi shop, a family-inspired Indian spot and a Korean tasting menu fit for royalty. Here are the best new restaurants in NYC to add to your list.

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new restaurants nyc portale
Pat Dunford

1. Portale

After 30 years as executive chef at NYC institution Gotham Bar and Grill, three-time James Beard Award–winning chef Alfred Portale opened his namesake restaurant this month in Chelsea. Portale brings a contemporary Italian menu with a nod to his classically trained French technique: The kitchen will feature an in-house milling program to create its own flour for house-made bread, polenta and pasta, and the menu includes market vegetables, crudo, seasonal salads and grilled meats and fish.

126 W. 18th St.;

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new restaurants nyc nami nori
Sebastian Lucrecio

2. Nami Nori

This West Village restaurant specializes in temaki (hand rolls), but it’s not your run-of-the-mill sushi joint: The menu was developed by three Masa veterans: executive chef Taka Sakaeda, chef de cuisine Jihan Lee and operations director Lisa Limb. Order a variety of the house specialty in combos like “x.o. scallop, tobiko, lemon,” “spicy crab dynamite” and the vegan “eggplant, red miso, gobo chips,” along with a handful of dishes from the kitchen (like “spicy tuna crispy rice”) to round out your meal.

33 Carmine St.;

new restaurants nyc night music
Maksim Axelrod

3. Night Music

Everyone loves Mom’s cooking, and that includes restaurateur Ravi DeRossi. The man behind Honeybee’s, Ladybird, Mother of Pearl and more is expanding his vegan empire to include this Indian restaurant with none other than his mother behind the menu (she personally trained executive chef Spencer Caine to cook her recipes). Expect hearty homestyle dishes like vindaloo maitake buns, kale and onion fritters and “pot of fire,” made with winter vegetables, tofu, rice and spicy broth.

111 E. Seventh St.;

new restaurants nyc pasta eater

4. Pasta Eater

You gotta love a restaurant name that gets straight to the point. This new Italian eatery by restaurateur Giusto Priola (owner of Cacio e Pepe and Cacio e Vino) specializes in old-school, freshly made pastas like grano arso cavatelli (made with “burnt” wheat flour that imparts a complex flavor); cacio e pepe tossed in a wheel of Pecorino, and pappardelle with wild boar ragu and truffle, plus focaccia, salads and antipasti, all made fresh on the premises.

9 E. 17th St.;

new restaurants nyc bumu
Andrew Bui

5. Būmu

This izakaya-style spot from chef Joaquin Baca (Teo, The Brooklyn Star, Momofuku Noodle Bar) is now live in West Village. Fill up your table with yaki skewers (miso eggplant, beef tongue, crispy pork belly), raw bar items and shareable plates like wok-fried pea leaves and okonomiyaki. The drinks are curated by Chris Johnson (Maialino, The Eddy, Mettā) and include a thoughtful selection of wine, sake and cocktails like the Lightning Strike (sake, vodka, passion fruit and lemongrass).

61 W. Eighth St.;

new restaurants nyc ivy lane
Edward Menashy

6. Ivy Lane

Named for its ivy-covered facade, this tri-level Upper East Side restaurant merges American fare with French, Korean and Japanese elements. Chef Sung Park (Bistro Petit, Brasserie Seoul) serves fusion-y dishes like seafood pancake served with a citrus emulsion, octopus terrine, fluke, and lamb pappardelle. The decor is accented with colorful artwork by Brooklyn artist N. Carlos Jay. 

116 E. 60th St.;

new restaurants nyc ten hope
Oleg March

7. Ten Hope

The original Top Chef winner, Harold Dieterle, debuts a new Mediterranean-inspired restaurant in Williamsburg. Greek, Italian, Spanish and Moroccan flavors are translated into dishes like smashed avocado with green zhug, spice-roasted carrots, “chicken cooked under a brick” and a kofta burger with kasseri cheese. The dining area is strewn with greenery, and when patio season rolls around again, there’s a spacious, sun-dappled courtyard, perfect for enjoying cocktails created by Aaron Kerr-Zengo from Bowery Bar.

10 Hope St., Brooklyn;

new restaurants nyc brasserie saint marc
Courtesy of Brasserie Saint Marc

8. Brasserie Saint Marc

If you’ve never had frog legs, this sleek new brasserie might be a good place to try them (for the faint of heart, they are deep-fried). The East Village spot features vintage Babar murals and offers Gallic dishes by chef Frederick Piccarello, like trout amandine and duck confit for dinner, and oeufs en cocotte Florentine (eggs baked in crème fraîche and Gruyère, served with baguette) for brunch. Naturally, there’s an expansive French Champagne list and digestif menu. (Try the  Charente-Maritime cognac, served in a hollowed-out melon.)

136 Second Ave.;

new restaurants nyc kochi
Melissa Hom

9. Kochi

Dine like royalty (seriously) at Kochi. Chef-owner Sungchul Shim (Per Se, Neta, Bouley) debuts his first solo project, a nine-course Korean tasting menu, in Hell’s Kitchen. Many dishes are inspired by festival cuisine of the Korean royal court, a fine-dining tradition dating back to the Joseon dynasty, who ruled from 1392 to 1910. Expect modern twists on dishes like baby blowfish tempura and charcoal-grilled rib eye stuffed with sweet rice cake, plus a beverage program from Jooyoung Yang (Jungsik).

652 Tenth Ave.;

new restaurants nyc canary club
Heidi’s Bridge

10. Canary Club

This music and supper club features live jazz and a menu from chef Tadd Barnes (The Smile, The Standard East Village) that draws from Louisiana’s French-Creole influences. Think dishes like caviar with homemade “voodoo” spiced chips, wood oven–roasted oysters and seafood boudin on toast. The cocktails pay homage to classic drinks (like the Hibiscus Kush with hibiscus-infused gin, citrus cordial and lime) and the space takes its design cues from the unusual colors of wild canaries.

303 Broome St.;

new restaurants nyc pierozek
Courtesy of PierozeK

11. PierozeK

A spinoff of a restaurant in central Poland, Pierozek plants its flag in the pierogi-filled neighborhood of Greenpoint. The owners flew in Marzena Gęsiarz and Zofia Kuśmierska from Poland to create seven different varieties of pierogi with fillings like potato and cheese, pork shoulder, and sauerkraut and mushroom, along with specialty fruit pierogi (like strawberry and blueberry) made with sweet yeast dough. 

592 Manhattan Ave.;

new restaurants nyc bien cuit
Courtesy of Bien Cuit

12. Bien Cuit

Bread-obsessed folks like ourselves love Bien Cuit, so we were thrilled to hear the bakery opened a second location in Crown Heights this month. You’ll find all the same freshly baked bread, pastries, sandwiches, tartines, desserts, coffee and tea, with the bonus of a backyard. There are also a few menu additions exclusive to Franklin Avenue: a bluefish tartine, pumpkin craquelin (a choux pastry filled with pumpkin cream and miso caramel), and cannelés de Bordeaux, a delicate mini-cake in various flavors.

721 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn;

new restaurants nyc moonrise izakaya
Moonrise Izakaya

13. Moonrise Izakaya

A new destination for Japanese comfort food has arrived on the Upper West Side. Guests are encouraged to enjoy drinks before diving into food—like mapo tofu, chicken karaage and pork buns—similar to what you’d expect at an izakaya in Tokyo. Other elements that play into the izakaya experience are “bottle keep,” which lets you purchase a bottle and store it at the restaurant if you can’t finish it, and a stellar selection of sake, shochu and Japanese whiskey.

774 Amsterdam Ave.;

new restaurants nyc aquavit
Courtesy of Aquavit

14. Aquavit

Just in time for hygge season, beloved Scandinavian restaurant Aquavit reopens following an extensive revamp. The 32-year-old institution with two Michelin stars now features a sprawling bar area that offers a more casual alternative to the dining room, and there’s a fresh new menu by chef Emma Bengtsson with dishes like crab fritters, a fried cod sandwich and Swedish meatballs with cucumber and lingonberries.

65 E. 55th St.;

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