Looking for a Virtual Mother's Day Activity? Try This Milano Cookie Tasting Menu

When it comes to gift-giving for Mother’s Day there are the obvious choices: a bouquet of flowers, a spa gift card, a homemade dinner. But with everything going on these days, this year is a bit different.

To give moms across the country an easy (and sweet) way to wind down, Milano partnered with sommelier, Maureen Petrosky, to craft a variety of cookie and drink pairings. From the classic combo of dark chocolate and red wine to a refreshing orange and Moscato, there’s something for everyone (as well as non-alcoholic options). So, have a virtual tasting in her honor. All you have to do is set a date for the two of you, send her the list, tear open a bag (or two) of your favorite cookies and enjoy.

double dark chocolate milano cookies
Sofia Kraushaar

1. Double Dark Chocolate Milano Cookies + Full-bodied Red

For those that go after big flavor, the extra bold notes of cacao in the Milano Dark Chocolate cookie blend perfectly with a full-bodied red such as a Cabernet Sauvignon. Tip: Choose a fruit-forward Cab, like a California offering that typically has riper red berry flavors.

milk chocolate milano cookies
Sofia Kraushaar

2. Milk Chocolate Milano Cookies + Light-bodied Red Or Rosé

The key is to this pair is choosing a pour with tons of fruit flavor and aroma, rather than sugary sweetness because you get that from the Milano Milk Chocolate cookie. Opt for a jammy Zinfandel or a ripe berry Shiraz.

raspberry milano cookies
Sofia Kraushaar

3. Raspberry Milano Cookies + Crisp White Or Champagne

If you’re craving a bright, yet rich taste, enjoy a Milano Raspberry Flavored Chocolate cookie, which is layered with sweet berry flavor and dark chocolate, and a chilled glass of bubbly or a crisp white like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio.

orange milano cookies
Sofia Kraushaar

4. Orange Milano Cookies + Moscato Or Fruit-forward Cocktail

For a lighter pairing with a bit more zest, Moscato with notes of peach and orange are an ideal match for Milano Orange Flavored Chocolate cookies. Not a Moscato lover? Try a bold whiskey cocktail (or mocktail) like a Negroni, which also bring the orange flavor to the forefront.

mint chocolate milano cookies
Sofia Kraushaar

5. Mint Chocolate Cookies + Espresso Martini Or Warm Cup Of Tea

Balance out the sweet, fresh flavor of a Milano Mint Chocolate cookie with the bitter notes of coffee in an espresso martini. Additionally, a warm cup of tea or refreshing iced coffee can be a welcomed pick-me-up.

dark chocolate sea salt milano cookies
Sofia Kraushaar

6. Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano Cookies + Medium-bodied Red

Mimic the experience of enjoying a cherry-filled chocolate by pairing a berry-forward wine, like a Point Noir, with a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Milano. Trust us, you’ll savor this taste with every bite.

irish cream milano cookies
Sofia Kraushaar

7. Caramel Macchiato Or Irish Cream Milano Cookies + Spiked Coffee Or Latte

The Caramel Macchiato or Irish Cream Flavored Milano cookies can complement your morning latte or a quarantine-friendly whipped dalgona. To kick your usual routine up a notch, add a splash of coffee liqueur.


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