Moms on TikTok Can’t Get Enough of This Easy Morning Meal Hack (And Neither Can We!)

We’ve all been there: It’s Tuesday morning, you’ve got a Zoom call in 30 minutes, your daughter can’t find her homework and your partner is running late to work. You’re trying to figure out when breakfast factors into the equation, never mind how you can send everyone off for the day with something healthy and hearty. So imagine our delight, and relief, when we came across a hack on TikTok that parents are using to get an easy, healthy and satisfying meal on the table on even the most chaotic of mornings.

Mom and home decor content creator Nicole Boyle whipped together a make-your-own-breakfast-bowl spread for the fam in 10 minutes. Using Minute Rice Cups, she popped a cup in the microwave for just, you guessed it, one minute—and then had her daughter customize her own bowl using faves like eggs, cheese, avocado and spinach. It’s perfect for quick yet delicious meals and even better, it’s a great way to get younger kids to help out in the kitchen. Plus, there are also a ton more recipes using Minute Rice to be had on their site, like this five-minute Taco Tuesday feast featuring brown rice, chicken and all the toppings.

They have extra tips and tricks on how to prepare Minute Rice cups, whether you want to use the stove or make something using literally whatever you have on hand in the house. (A no-recipe recipe, if you will.)

The breakfast—plus dinner, lunch and even dessert—possibilities are practically endless.

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