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Learning how to roll your own sushi isn’t as tough as you might think. Plus, how impressed will your dinner guests be? (Spoiler: very.) Start with this super-easy, super-delicious mango avocado roll.

What You Need:
 - A sushi-rolling mat
 - Nori sheets
 - Sushi rice, cooked
 - Water
 - Cucumber, sliced lengthwise
 - Avocado, sliced
 - Mango, diced

Step 1: Place a nori sheet (aka a seaweed wrap) onto your rolling mat. Wet your fingers with a bit of room temperature water and start spreading a thin layer of rice onto the sheet. The rice should cover almost the whole thing.

Step 2: Place the cucumber, avocado and mango about one-third of the way up your wrap.

Step 3: Fold the bottom of your mat over to start rolling the sushi into shape. Continue using the mat to roll and tighten your sushi into one long burrito.

Step 4: Slice the roll into bite-size pieces and enjoy.

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Additional Reporting by Abby Hepworth

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