5 Lunch Packing Hacks that Will Make Your Mornings a Breeze

Whether it’s to save money, eat healthier or guarantee your kids get a nutritious midday meal (while still getting out the door on time), we all know packing a lunch is *so* worth it. But, like, anything in the kitchen, it’s an art, and not all of us have the time or energy to hone our skills. Here, five quick tips that will help you master lunch-making, so you can get that time back for other things (or—who are we kidding—get five more minutes of blissfully uninterrupted sleep).

1. Invest In The Right Containers And Cutlery

It may seem self-explanatory (of course I need a lunch box!). But investing in the right supplies, like bento boxes, reusable silverware, wrappers and bags is environmentally-friendly and, much like cute workout gear, can help you feel totally inspired when you go to pack said lunch.

2. Use No-prep Ready-to-eat Snacks

Who’s got time to prep every ingredient? Not us. (And neither do you, or else you wouldn't be here). That’s why shopping for ready-to-eat ingredients from the grocery store, like Boar’s Head Hummus, is a major morning time-saver. While this advice could potentially push you into junk-food territory, Boar’s Head Hummus is gluten-free and non-GMO, so you can feel good about your nutritious quick-fix decision. They also have over ten different flavors to choose from, including a Dark Chocolate Dessert Hummus (that we wouldn’t blame you for keeping all to yourself).

3. Set Up A Lunch Station In Your Kitchen

This one comes by way of @HeritageHillHomestead, whose lunch-packing station, complete with bins of fruit squeeze pouches and granola bars, a rack of capri suns and fruit cups, plus napkins, containers and reusable sandwich bags, would make us want to actually get up early to pack a lunch. Oh, and don’t forget the notepad on the counter, to leave kids (or yourself) a note of inspiration or a reminder of kindness.

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4. Think Carefully About Stacking

Repeat after us: Heaviest ingredients on bottom. That goes for salads (place the lettuce on top so it doesn’t get squished and soggy by the heavier ingredients) as well as the actual foods in your lunch bag (like placing a bag of chips last so it doesn’t get crushed by the PB&J).

5. Follow Tiktok Food Bloggers For Inspiration

If you still need inspiration, look no further than Instagram Reels and TikTok. Take Jessica Woo, whose ASMR-style bento-box videos of her kids’ meals make us want to appoint her the official CEO of Lunchmaking. There’s also @Iandslunches and @winnyhayes for endless midday meal inspo.


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