Hey You, Stop Tossing Those Leftover Stock Veggies

They have so much more to give

Most good soups start with a stock: a hearty mix of veggies, herbs and seasoning. But after it’s simmered and full of flavor, we usually just toss the non-liquid components in the trash. Such a waste, right?

Well, instead of dumping stock scraps directly into the garbage, we came up with three useful and delicious ways to get even more use out of them.

1. Blend leftover vegetables together and use the mix as a healthy alternative to thicken gravy, chili or any other sauce in place of a roux (which is basically just butter and flour).

2. For a quick and easy meal, serve the carrots and mushrooms and whatever else you’ve got over rice, quinoa or a simple salad. Or add them back into the soup for some more texture. 

3. Feed the scraps to your pet. Because what does little Annie Oakley live for if not leftover people food? (Just make sure it’s safe for them to eat.)

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Freelance Editor

From 2015-2020 Lindsay Champion held the role of Food and Wellness Director. She continues to write for PureWow as a Freelance Editor.