Looking for New Meals to Start the New Year? These 7 Recipes Will Get You Started

In our kitchen, a new year calls for a new menu. With a little planning and determination, you can totally eat healthier this month without resorting to a sad salad every single night. These seven recipes from Kroger allow you to plan a nutritious, delicious meal (some of which will leave you with leftovers for lunch) every day this week. And with over 2,000 products to choose from, Kroger® Brand provides a wide selection of products for these, and all your favorite recipes. Let’s get shopping.

air fryer veggie nuggets

1. Air Fryer Veggie Nuggets

We’re saying it: 2021 was the year of the air fryer. The gadget brought us viral TikTok hits like crispy green beans, accordion potatoes and pasta chips. What’s in store for this year, you ask? As home cooks spend even more time in their kitchens experimenting with air fryers, we’re getting ready for extra-inventive, dippable foods, like these air-fried broccoli and carrot nuggets. Bonus: You and your kids will love them.

vegetarian brussel sprouts and avocado tacos

2. Vegetarian Brussels Sprouts And Avocado Tacos

Taco Tuesday gets a fresh spin thanks to these tacos made with Kroger® Brand halved brussels sprouts, queso cotija, ripe avocados and a homemade slaw. The combination is hearty enough you won’t even miss the meat.

mediterranean turkey burger

3. Mediterranean Turkey Burger

The excitement of this protein-rich dinner is all about the toppings. Don’t skimp—be sure to add these to your Kroger grocery list: cucumbers, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, hummus and Kroger® Brand extra virgin olive oil for good measure.

mini cauliflower pizzas

4. Mini Cauliflower Pizzas

Game-day snack. After-school snack. Eat-five-for-lunch kind of snack. We see these gluten-free pizzas fitting into your week quite nicely. Even better? They’re fairly easy to whip up, especially when you use Kroger® Brand Pizza Snack Sauce.

instant pot sesame chicken

5. Instant Pot Sesame Chicken

Cooking up your own version of takeout favorites is always a good idea. To ensure this homemade version of sesame chicken hits the spot, you’ve got to nail the sauce. Start with Kroger® Brand soy sauce, then add ketchup, water, light brown sugar, rice vinegar, sesame oil, garlic, ginger and as much sriracha as you can handle.

salmon salad lettuce wraps

6. Salmon Salad Lettuce Wraps

2022 is the year we stop sleeping on canned salmon. Did you know it’s an easy way to add beneficial omega-3 fatty acids to your diet? We love the celery, bell pepper and olives in this version, but you can easily swap out for other veggie favorites for an easy Saturday lunch option.

avocado caprese salad

7. Avocado Caprese

We said we wouldn’t put a salad on the list, but when the main ingredient is creamy mozzarella cheese, does it really even qualify as a salad? Finish off the week with this light meal loaded with healthy fat and fiber. Oh, and did we mention it’s keto-friendly?

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