Kroger Is Selling Matcha Latte Concentrate, and 5 Other Private Selection Items We Can't Live Without

It’s a new year, which means most resolutions are full steam ahead. While we tend to avoid the gym (too crowded), the post office (same) and our in-laws’ (we just need a breather after the holidays, okay?), there’s one place we can cherish: our local grocery store—specifically, Kroger. And with their Private Selection brand, we can shop for the next-level flavors we crave without spending a fortune. (See? We’re still working towards those resolutions, too.)

With Private Selection, Kroger is crafting the best of the best—like a culinary experience worthy of the five-star Italian restaurant downtown kind of “best.” Think of it as the fancy private label brand made with good-for-you ingredients, but without the fancy price tag. Here, six of our favorite Private Selection items to look out for on your next trip.

kroger private selection product1

1. Private Selection Matcha Latte Concentrate

Artisan coffee shop quality, but from the comfort of your own kitchen.

kroger private selection product2

2. Private Selection Frozen Pinsa Pizzas

Frozen pizza night doesn’t have to be so generic. Try the Private Selection Goat Cheese & Crispy Bacon, Foccacia Style or Eggplant and Buffalo Mozzarella pies for an instant upgrade.

kroger private selection product3

3. Private Selection Black Truffle Olive Oil

Speaking of upgrades: drizzle pizzas, pastas, fries and mashed potatoes with this black truffle (!!!) infused olive oil.

kroger private selection product6

4. Private Selection Petite Potatoes With Herbes De Provence

Most of the time we make dinner, the sides are an afterthought. Not with these easy-to-serve-up potatoes with parmesan, garlic and herb seasoning.

kroger private selection product4

5. Private Selection Chocolate Ganache Lava Cakes

A decadent dessert for those chilly winter nights spent on the couch.


6. Private Selection Amaretto Cherry Cordial Ice Cream

And don’t forget the scoop of ice cream. This amaretto cherry cordial pint feels like something you’d pick up at a gourmet corner store.


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